Déjà vu


For decades, scientists have been trying to explain away what Déjà vu may be. There are many explanations for this phenomenon, but what is it really? The definition of Déjà vu is simply, A feeling of having already experienced the present situation. Have you ever experienced the feeling of repeating time? Have you lived this already or…was it a premonition?

You can truly feel like you’ve already experienced a moment, just as if you’d lived it already. Some metaphysical theorists have reported that they think the experience is what happens when events from past lives merge into the present life; the idea that it might be about past lives is a matter of faith. Only a small percentage of people can remember their past lives on their own, but almost everybody remembers some of their dreams.

The idea of reincarnation is more consistent with the modern neuroscience (Algorithmic Reincarnation), which through research concluded that no memories are passed from one life to the next. What is transferred is a set of signals that reflect states of consciousness. However, the research did not take into account regression hypnosis. I know that all events from your lives are stored in your sub-conscious mind. This is why Regression Hypnotherapy works in reviewing your past lives.

There are many people who have experienced precognitive dreams, but most occurrences of déjà vu happen without the person having any sense of it, as they often do not remember their dreams.

My theory is that we are receiving future events at times through our dreams, sometimes as a warning of what’s to come, but most of the time to show us future events. Such as in Einstein’s theory that, All time happens at the same time but in different dimensions. Which is why a psychic can see past, present and future.

Sometimes it is very difficult to discern time while doing a reading, and one must take into consideration that we do have free will. I believe that we are shown the future or experience the future in a delta level of the sub conscious state (dreams). While awake, we experience a moment or event and believe that we have gone through this moment already. You may have moved into a future look at your life in your dream state, and are now experiencing it while awake.

While you are awake, you will get an eerie feeling that you went through this moment of time already. It’s a good possibility that you have indeed walked into the future in your dream state. And while you are in your waking state of mind, you are now experiencing it as a memory that you are reliving.

The more scientific explanation is that it is memory stored in portions of the brain that are specialized for storing the past, present and future. According to neurological science, the frontal lobes are where the future is stored, the temporal lobes are concerned with the past, and the underlying, intermediate portions are recording the present.

When each area of the brain is functioning in a normal state of consciousness, the feeling that “something is going to happen” will only come up when we are thinking about the future; past memories are usually triggered relating to a sensation, smell or picture of something that sends you off into memories of your past.

When we are in the present time we experience from the amygdala part of the brain, which records the emotional tone or perceptions of an event. If you’ve had an adrenalin rush come over you from fear of being hit by a car, or that the airplane you are flying in might crash, you freeze in terror. We can find ourselves unable to scream or move. That is the amygdala at work.

In conclusion, pay attention to your dreams, try to remember them while still in that foggy state before you fully wake-up. Then, write down all that you can remember, or tell someone immediately about your dream. You may be receiving precognitive visions or as most dreams, working out a situation in your life.

Many writers wake-up in the middle of the night with a great idea for their book or screenplay. Interestingly, once their book or movie is released, uncanny events might be playing out in real time on the world stage. Which feels much like Déjà vu! We tap into the universal mind for wisdom and knowing of the past, present and future. In hypnosis, we can take the subconscious mind into past lives. But did you know you can also go into the future, while in the present? As a psychic, I do this all the time through my readings.


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