Harvest Moon Celebration at the Farmington Farmer’s Market!


By Walt Gajewski

September brings a fall feel to downtown Farmington as the harvest season approaches, bringing with it the annual tradition of Harvest Moon, a celebration that invites all to experience life in a small town on a Michigan fall day!

The Farmers Market in Farmington is a community jewel, gratefully appreciated by thousands for providing direct access to locally grown fresh produce every Saturday, 9am -2pm, through November 4. Featuring a dozen Michigan growers along with select specialty food vendors and local artisans, Harvest Moon brings a three day celebration of the fall to downtown Farmington, Thursday, September 21-Saturday, September 23.

It’s the biggest Market of the year! The Harvest Moon recognizes the point at which the moon is at its highest, and in earlier times provided an opportunity for farmers to harvest fields later into the night, gathering as much as they could before the coming frost.

The three day celebration features two outdoor evenings of food, beverage and music, ushered in by a warming fire and the welcoming spirit of community life. It’s a coming together! This is how communities have embraced the changing of seasons for centuries. We learn from the past to preserve our future. We celebrate and cherish good food, good company and the opportunity for social gathering. It’s primitive and essential. As the summer gives way to fall, it beckons winter close behind. People will be less outdoors. We inherently know this, and there is a huddling effect that draws people to a certain sense of kinship. It’s what community is all about!

Join us for the Harvest Moon celebration, food and fun! For more information about the Farmington Farmer’s Market visit: www.farmingtonfarmersmarket.com For information about Harvest Moon visit: www.downtownfarmington.org The Market is open every Saturday through Nov. 4. Grand River Ave. & Grove Street, 9am-2pm. Free, convenient parking.


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