Getting Help When You Need It, …And Contingency Plans!


Sometimes, no matter how much you plan or how good you are, things just go wrong. In cases like these, it may help to remember that the creative process is filled with trial and error and it’s natural to encounter some difficulties along the way, to no fault of your own. When these bumps in the road accrue, it’s best to have contingency plans in place; that way you will be able to handle whatever comes along.

Below are some suggestions that can help you get back on your creative path when you have unexpected surprises.

1. Step back and find your place of calm. When you are overly emotional (which you tend to be in cases like this), you are counter-productive to finding a solution. It is wise to take a break and calm down first so that you can approach your issue with a level head.
2. Analyze your problem with logic. Ask yourself, “What is happening that is causing my disruption and what can I do to resolve it?”
3. Have an emergency account set aside that you can access when the need arises.
4. If you find you are unable to solve your dilemma yourself, seek help.
5. Ask yourself, “What aid do I have available to me?” Look to your local sources. I find the Internet an invaluable tool for this.
6. Here is a list of wonderful resources that might aid you:
Art: Blick Product Information: 800- 933-2542
Editing: Grammarly,
Computer: For Apple, Apple Care, 800-692-7753 For PC, Best Buy Geek-squad. (800) 433-5778
Adobe: Adobe Support (800) 833-6687, & Adobe Forums,

Namaste, Abby


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