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Hello my friends, Happy September,

I hope you are enjoying the exercises I’ve been sharing since January. I hope you have worked on these, it is very powerful to do these exercises. Remember, just by reading these articles you will feel true shifts in your consciousness; as I said before, the more you read and share with others the more you will receive. The same goes for the following exercises. The more you do them, the more powerful they and you become.

Wow, what an awesome August! I’m hopeful that the “Abundance” focus and exercises were helpful for you. While many people were obviously aware of the eclipse, very few knew much about the Triple Platinum Lion’s Gate 888. This gate is a massive shift for we as a consciousness to step into. True abundance at levels that have never been available before, especially for lightworkers / Consciousness workers. That is why I placed the focus on Abundance last month.

Now is the time to catapult your Abundance to a whole new level in September. This is the perfect time, so let’s create Wow! What I would like you to do this month is to continue with the exercises of last month.Also, start doing Yoga or Tai chi, or QuantOm, Wow! I can refer you to someone for any of these connective trainings in your area.

In case you don’t remember the exercises from last month:Let’s now focus on releasing the focus of suffering and choosing an abundance of love, an abundance of joy, an abundance of happiness, an abundance of wealth, an abundance of support.

Now focus on your core at the base of your heart chakra, expand it outward. Now let the suffering go, accept the flow of universal love. I accept true abundance of the highest love, highest joy, happiness, wealth, and the highest support.

Remember, I am here to support your growth. I have a booth and will do sessions at upcoming Michigan Psychic Fairs! Be sure to visit: for more dates. I will be at most of them.

Holiday Inn Express, Roseville, MI September 3rd

Comfort Inn, Livonia, MI September 10th

Be sure to join me there, I look forward to meeting you and hearing about your progress.

I am here to help support you so if you have any questions, go to: or you can reach me on facebook at or by phone at 734-740-9110.


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