Manifesting Your Miraculous Life


A miraculous life is an abundant life. Abundant in all things — finances, love, friendships, creativity, health, emotional peace, and physical abundance to name a few. Ultimately, this means having whatever you want or need whenever it is appropriate to have it, which can change from each moment, day, week or year. Allow this to move fluidly within yourself and be flexible, because a miraculous life requires us to step out of our linear belief systems into a place of wholeness.

Start with asking yourself the question, “If I could have any kind of life, what would I want my life to be like?” Identify what it would feel like and physically be like for you, if your life fulfilled all your wants and desires. What would your thoughts be? How might you feel within your miraculous life? What would your profession be? Would you even have one? Going into as much detail as possible, describe what ‘a day in the life’ might look like, and move into what a month or year might feel like.

It is important to honor whatever comes up when we are moving through our emotions and consciously manifesting our wishes and desires. What arises, are the very barriers or walls that keep us from a miraculous life. The following steps are ways you might consider moving through some of your barriers. The steps overlap in a circular or multi-dimensional way because we are multi-dimensional beings and do not exclusively exist in our brains or a linear space.

1. Letting Go of What Doesn’t Serve You

One of the belief systems that I work with to help my clients let go of, is that there is not enough…. (fill in the blank) to go around. I also see a lot of judgments or shoulds about how success or abundance can happen. For example, someone might believe “working hard equates to success”. This can be a very limiting belief system because it does not leave a lot of room for having success without pain or suffering.

Even saying the words, “I am allowed to have success without working hard” violates in-breaded belief systems within our culture. Our beliefs are choices though, and I invite you to throw out many of the old and fear-based beliefs you have about yourself and how the world operates. Instead, believe there is enough for everyone (their really is!). Believe that everyone, yourself included, deserves abundance in all things, whenever they want it (this is really possible!). By noticing what your values, thoughts and belief systems are, you are able to begin authentically choosing thoughts that specifically coincide or compliment a truly miraculous life, and release thoughts that no longer serve you.

2. Feed What You Want to Grow

I’ve mentioned this before in reference to having healthy relationships. Not surprisingly, this works in the manifestation of creating the best life you can imagine. By focusing and growing those thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that align with what serves your highest manifestation, you are allowing your soul, body and the universe, to back up your choices of a miraculous life. This does not mean ignore or avoid those uncomfortable or negative feelings or thoughts. As I’ve always said, our feelings serve a purpose and we need to move through them (do the internal work) to emphasize those feelings that feed our miraculous life.

I do daily internal work to move through any doubts or fears I might have. By acknowledging my fearful thoughts, I honor them for what they are and I am able to make a conscious decision to move myself into a place of unconditional love for myself and others. These feelings of love and compassion completely support my miraculous life where everyone loves and supports me. I do things that support these feelings, such as saying nice things to myself, staying open to others positive, loving support of me and by letting go of any experiences that are negative or fear-based. If someone is around me talking about how difficult life is, I say inside my head, “No thank you! That is not a belief system I embrace about my life. I think life is easy.” With this simple exercise, I’m releasing the fear-based “life is hard” belief system and am allowing the thought, “Life is easy” to grow.

Have fun with this! Imagine that fun is its own entity within you and feed it by following and embracing joy, peace and love every moment you can. When feeling any of these emotions, be sure to do lots more of what brought them on. Within these emotions, notice your thoughts and have more of them; all the time! If you feel uncomfortable, afraid or overwhelmed with life’s experiences, turn them around by saying, “I choose love.”

By saying this, you are letting go of any doubts or fears that might want to sneak in, and bring forward (attract) more of that miraculous life you are manifesting. When someone is upset with me, I will say, “I choose love” to myself, over and over. This allows me to see the conflict in such a beautiful way. I am able to have compassion for the other person’s perspective and myself because I’m standing on a foundation of peace. I like to think this also helps others feel safe and comfortable around me because no judgments (shoulds or criticisms) come into the resolution of the conflict.

3. Surrender

Surrender to the process. Let me say this a different way, STOP WORRYING! Let go. Don’t try to hold on or adhere to old outdated belief systems or thoughts that might interfere with feeling peaceful and hopeful about whatever you choose and want for yourself. Allow the universe to support your choices. Life is not complicated. The universe, God, and your higher self is waiting to back you up! Whatever you choose! You are allowed and deserve whatever you want from life. Be open to allowing this to happen in whatever way it can (instead of the way you’ve been taught it should happen). This really means that you let go and say, “Hey, it’s okay. Everything is working out perfectly.” You feel this (or fake that you feel it) until it reverberates from every cell of your being, every moment, of every day. Yeah, I’m still working on getting to this level too, but I’m getting closer every day!

Creating a Miraculous Life is your birthright! We all deserve abundance, in all things, to reach the highest potential of ourselves! I love how Yogis define their sport; they say it’s their Yoga Practice. This is life! Life is our practice. We work to be our greatest self every day. Some days we are limber and move with ease. Some days, we are a little sore and less flexible but we are magnificent for showing up and trying every day. By being mindful and intent, full of what we are practicing or creating, we are taking significant steps to manifesting our miraculous life.


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