Operation Prayer Power – Science, Spirituality and Global Healing – Part 2


Operation Prayer Power is a wonderful example of the joining together of prayer, the power of mantra, spirituality and technology. Dr. King revealed this startling vision of a powerful, new ecological tool to the world, beginning in England and the USA in 1973. It is held each week at five locations around the world, including Royal Oak, Michigan.

Operation Prayer Power was dedicated by Dr. King to “All people throughout the world who are unselfishly working for the preservation of the ecological balance of this Planet so senselessly polluted by unthinking mankind throughout the centuries.”

As you might imagine, prayer is at its heart. Dr. King knew that Spiritual energy – the energy of Love – radiated through selfless prayer, and is one of the most potent healing forces. When a disaster such as an earthquake or flood strikes, caring people throughout the world send heartfelt prayers to those in need for healing and relief.

Dr. King also knew, through his work as a radionics scientist, that the energy of prayer – like any other energy – can be collected, stored, and concentrated. He invented Operation Prayer Power to harness and concentrate this spiritual energy, because he knew that by doing this, the results would be extremely powerful. Spiritual energy can be equated to a stream of healing water; when focused, it intensifies into a powerful river of love that can, when released, quench the raging fires of suffering.

The heart of Operation Prayer Power is the storehouse of uplifting spiritual energy that can be released immediately at times of natural disasters, wars and other crises.

After its beginnings on a holy mountain in England, it was later inaugurated in September 1973, on the shores of Lake Powell, Utah, USA, another sacred area of the world.

Prior to this, Dr. King was sitting cross-legged on the dark red sandstone rock of Padre Bay, Lake Powell. The sky was blue, a slight wind was blowing and the sun sparkled. He was alone, when suddenly his thoughts were disturbed by the nearness of a Presence. After the Contact, our Master had this revelation about Operation Prayer Power:

“You have introduced into the cloth of life this imperishable golden thread which will, unless you purposely cut it, stretch onwards forever and ever. A thread which, once introduced, should always be kept on so that it gets stronger as lives pass. A thread which will give you the strength and power, either in this or the next life, to go forward to greater things.”

This global healing mission of prayer and love has been a golden thread in my spiritual life; one which I cherish, and I would never move anywhere where there was not an Operation Prayer Power center nearby – it is that important.

On Wednesday, September 13, there will be a lecture given by visiting radionics engineer, Richard Medway, on “How Spirituality is Changing Science – Operation Prayer Power”. (For details, please see our advertisement).


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