How to Read Oracle Cards


Reading Oracle cards is a passion of mine. I am fascinated at how helpful and accurate they can be! Every new moon and the full moon I give a general oracle card reading at my blog. Even though they are general readings, the cards always, and yes I am using the word “always”, carry symbolism and qualities directly related to the current moon. They are on point for moon phase astrological influences, and how they can affect us personally. I want to pass on some secrets and techniques that I use to read cards. It gets easier the more you do it and trust the process. Knowing how you get your intuition is key. Are you a feeler, thinker, or visually driven? We can even get intuitive guidance through smelling, called clairaudience. I’ll be using my favorite decks for giving readings and for my personal card spreads for this series. I like to call them card stories. We’ll begin with “Contemplation”, from Doreen Virtue’s Mermaids and Dolphins Deck. Let’s do it!

Reading Oracle cards is a multi-layered process. It’s an experience for the reader and the receiver. I always say a prayer before my sessions and ask to be of service. From the title, we clearly get what the card could be about. What the card looks like, what it says and what it makes us feel and think, is intuitive information. Sometimes what it says has nothing to do with what the card means. For instance, this card could mean you are going on vacation or you have been wanting to. It could foretell a tropical getaway or not, but this sure does look like Hawaii or Mexico, or a trip to a rainforest. Maybe this card is for me! Birds-of-paradise and hibiscus flowers could confirm the area. Hibiscus flowers are related to Hawaii. This could be a sign of your special love of these flowers, or your best friend loves them and every year you include them in a birthday arrangement. There is a lot of green here. This could mean you have the funds needed to go away or you will have the cash to go. Is it time to put away some “green” to finally plan that special trip? Breakthroughs in prosperity and wealth and shifts in how you are thinking about your future could be at play. Maybe you’ve hired a new financial advisor or considered investing or putting away money for the future. The ideas flowing here a very much like the flow of a reading. The cards are talking.

So far, these have been visual cues. Let’s check into how the card feels. Time alone could be needed. If you were reading someone, you might feel these intuitive hits as they are often called, in your heart or in your gut. Emotions might wash over you. This could also symbolize meditating on prosperity, or feel the urge to getaway for a spiritual retreat. It could be the call for just some alone time to get centered and back on track or a total party trip! In flower symbolism, hibiscus means joy and finding beauty and meaning in the little things. Both of these beauties stand for taking a trip to a far off destination. Birds-of-paradise signify finding your own personal paradise as well as being called to visit one. See what I mean!? I wonder if the creator of these images knew how perfectly the flowers connected the possible meanings of the card or were they intuitively channeling? Looking for the meaning behind something is claircognizance or clear-thinking at work.

This is just the surface. There is so much more information here to dive into! I pull cards for myself at every new moon and full moon, and when I need help for something personal. I recommend pulling one every day for yourself to start to get a feel for it. I hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as I have! Happy divining!


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