Telling the Truth Makes You Happy


Telling the truth does make you happy. Why? Because it puts you in sync with the universe, which is love and truth. Being a liar is two-faced. It is putting on a mask to hide who you are. It is you living in pretend land in a role you’ve made up. Telling the truth frees you from the anxiety and depression of being someone you are not.

By not telling the truth, you are using valuable energy to hide and are focused on keeping the lies straight, not living in the present moment. You are creating a situation where you are not in sync, in flow, with the universe and are unconnected with Source. Source is love and truth, so how can you connect with Source if you are not being that?

When you are lying, you are putting on a mask and not being you. When you are not being you, you cease to exist in that moment. As the moments build up, the lies become the new you, the roles that you are playing, and you forget who you really are. That’s why we love children so much… they live every moment in truth and are being just who they are, themselves without any worry about repercussions. They are connected to Source in a way most adults struggle to achieve after years of pretending to be someone they aren’t.

But what if I insult someone, you say? My lies help me survive! It’s just a little “white lie.” Truth is the thing that will set you free to really live; being in that moment, whole, complete and divine. If someone does not like what you say when you say it in a compassionate manner and in truth, it’s usually because it really resonates with them and they are lying to themselves and avoiding addressing that area of their life, so they are unhappy, anxiously avoiding the issue and are miserable. And, you just saw their truth which they have been denying. You are a good, loving friend to reflect that back, and if they are a true friend, they will do the work to resolve the issue or heal the wound and regain the friendship.

When you go within and find your truth, speak your truth, you resonate with yourself, the universe and Source. You are also opening-up to connecting and resonating in that divine flow with others who are also in truth and being; being themselves and in doing so, are in the flow of Love and Source, just like you. It’s much easier to connect with those of like energy…and we want truthful friends, do we not? So be truthful yourself!

As you speak your truth with integrity, you start to have an awakening…an awakening as to who you really are and the joy you actually have within. Then, everything has more “juice,” more meaning, and life becomes intense with wonderful experiences. Flowers seem to glow, the air feels cleaner, fresher, your whole life experience just seems to “pop.” Your brain is in harmony, in the flow, with your core self, your true self, when you tell the truth and you can really be present in each moment. There is no discord or disconnect when your mind and true self are in integrity and in sync with each other, and all your energy flows towards being.

So, when do you tell the truth? Always. Always being in truth will actually make you happy. You will rediscover that you can not only survive this worldly experience, but enjoy it! Yes, it may be scary at first, and yet it is so worth it to really exist and live as you, not the roles, scripts and masks you have developed in your mistaken belief to avoid what you perceive is danger…the true danger is losing your integration with your true self. So make that decision today, to tell the truth so that you can let go of anxiety and depression…so you can be happy and in the flow of Love that is Source!


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