The Trickster Within: When Guidance Is Not Real


Some people seem to have an extraordinary talent in business. Inspired by how they feel in their gut, and making great deals, is second nature to them. Take for instance, the matchmaker in your inner circle. Born with wickedly good selective skills and talents, she’s the savant for creating the perfect pairing of partners. Possessing an uncanny sense of the potential ‘ideal matches’, she steers you away from the super-charismatic, attractive Friday night date who arrives late and kicks up red flags, towards the kind of person you really want to be with.

The meaning of the word savant is someone who has profound and immense capacities or abilities beyond what is considered normal. On the flipside, they can significantly fall short in other areas of brain processing. Interesting right? I can’t help but think how much this relates to different intuitive styles. A clairvoyant person or clear-seer, might make a great designer or artist, but completely lack good problem solving or business skills. Or, the claircognizant clear-thinker, who has a hard time tuning into his or her gut. Here are some ways to know when your guidance could be off.

True guidance will cheer you on from the sidelines, but will never guide you to be jealously competitive. It is true that people who are jealous or envious, are usually triggering something within us. We get activated by what they are up to, because ultimately we really want to be doing that same thing, or something close. Being motivated by being the best at something is healthy. True guidance would never tell you to do better because you are better than everyone else, and that they are beneath you.

Authentic inner-guidance is never demeaning or hurtful. It should feel encouraging and supportive, spurring you on to pursue your passion or make a career move. It might inspire you to make an appearance at a work party you would normally not attend. Your inner-guru might gently say, “Hey, you need to show up at this function. This could be good for you. You are supposed to be there. Something good might happen.” You might get the sense that you’ll meet someone important there, or just end up having an amazing time bonding with co-workers.

It feels good, light and positive. Unauthentic guidance would feel more like you really “should” go… because you are supposed to be there, but everything in your body is saying “no.” False guidance would disguise honor or commitment, in the pretense of obligation when it’s really not mandatory to be there at all.

Beware of procrastination. Fake and untrue, real guidance would never sabotage your efforts to move forward on things you really feel you need to do. Consistent effort towards our dreams and goals makes us feel good and accomplished. Yes, it is true, that time off for fun, rest and relaxation is required, but your inner-guru would never be your inner-saboteur. It wants you to succeed, and feel good about yourself and life.

Finally, we know that gentle and positive repetitive thoughts and feelings are genuine guidance. Let’s say you’ve been getting hits or intuitive hunches to eat some dark chocolate daily. It is good for you! So you’ve gotten yourself some excellent organic, fair-trade dark chocolate with a high cocoa content of 70% – 90%, and you are loving it! After all, chocolate is rich in antioxidants and causes the positive release of pleasure endorphins. This is why it’s been given as a traditional Valentine’s Day gift.

However ‘for-real’ guidance would not tell you to eat three huge pieces of chocolate cake, because chocolate is good for you. It might say one piece is perfect. Take some home for later. But not, eat all you want. Instead of feeling happily satisfied with a few pieces of good high-quality chocolate in the evening, knowing you are doing something great for your body and brain, (unless you are allergic of course) you are riddled with guilt, for going overboard and not stopping when your guidance said to after one piece of cake.

I hope you have an even better sense of what pure guidance is. I want you to love and trust yourself deeply, because you are amazing! Enjoy that massage you’ve been meaning to get, and savor a daily exquisite café mocha.


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