5 Ways to Create Everyday Magic in Your Home


American novelist Alice Hoffman, author of more than thirty books, has given us yet another gift with her latest book, “The Rules of Magic”. I’m over the moon and thrilled to the tips of my witchy boots! I wasn’t expecting a prequel to the story of the Owen’s family witches, and two little girls who are raised by their eccentric and spell-casting aunts.

On a warm and sunny autumn day, you can find me humming the theme song on my long walks under venerable trees, taking in the unstoppable turning of leaves into rusty red, orange and gold. Next to the greenhouse of healing plants, the Owen’s family kitchen was stocked full of herbs and roots. A little rosemary and lavender, belladonna and sage. Enchanted by that house, it got me thinking about more ways to create magic in our houses and homes. It does the spirit good, and stirs a heart like a cup of homemade hot chocolate on a beautiful fall night. Here are some ways to glamour up your home with magic!

Clean house: After the women have rid Gillian of her tyrant of an ex-boyfriend, one of the ladies says, “Let’s clean house!” Cleaning moves energy at many levels. Have a professional do it if you wish, but when I’m manifesting or clearing something significant, I like to do my own work. Start with floors and get in the corners. Create a magical floor wash charmed with essential oils. Orange is for good luck and wealth; choose lavender for protection, or simply go natural. Doing this around the time of a new or full moon multiplies the effects. That opening you feel inside and around you is real! Don’t forget about the exterior too, dirty windows can make all of the cleaning that you’ve done seem pointless when there’s no light coming through the dirt. Although I wouldn’t suggest trying to tackle these on your own. You’re better off looking up Toronto window cleaning services, or wherever you live, to do the job for you.

Open the doors and windows: This is lovely to do when you are cleaning, but any time is good, especially when the house has been shut tight against the cold. Open the front door and all the windows. Let the fresh air come through. Light incense and put on some music. Your mood is lifted and the house vibes have shifted.

Clear clutter: Throw away old papers and organize. Get rid of old magazines from last year. Put your absolute favorites away in a plastic box. Get rid of old clothes or donate them. Cleaning your medicine cabinet during a Virgo new moon or full moon is an invitation-activation of health and healing.

Charm and beautify: Put fresh flowers in every room of your house. A single blossom in a small vase on a kitchen counter is lovely. When your roses age, put the petals everywhere. Gather crystals and elemental pieces like stones, sand and shells.

Glamorize your front door and entryways: In Feng Shui, the ancient art of placement, your front door sets the tone for your house. It’s a specific point on a map of your home called the bagua. It’s the mouth of your home’s energy. The color of your door carries significance, depending on the direction it faces. If you can’t paint, there are plenty of things to do to amplify energy. Wash and polish your front door, screen door and handles. Get a fresh new happy welcome mat! Sweep the porch and steps. A pot of marigolds in a gold pot or on a brass tray can attract wealth. On the inside, clear away clutter close to the front door.

There you have it, practical magic for your home!


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