Attention all Seekers, Healers, and Therapists: How to Heal Trauma – Individual & Family Trauma


Trauma is the result of an extreme response to a stressful event. PTSD occurs when the individual is unable to return to his or her pre-trauma state. Responses to extreme trauma appear to be consistent across generations and situations. When an individual is exposed to a high-stress event, the autonomic nervous system kicks in and the fight, flight or freeze response kicks in—the organism goes in survival mode in response to danger. These responses are consistent across species, however, birds and animals can shake off the freeze state, but humans are often less successful. When the individual cannot shake off the freeze, the trauma is stored in the body in the form of PTSD—waiting to be re-activated in the present when an event triggers the survival response.

The degree to which the trauma affects the individual is a combination of the exposure to and degree of the traumatic event, as well as whether or not the individual has been exposed to traumas in the past. Generally speaking, the worst cases of PTSD are observed in veterans of war, victims of childhood abuse, and in those who’ve experienced extreme natural or manmade disasters, such as 9/11, or the recent devastation caused by extreme weather events of the past few weeks. In some individuals, responses to trauma fade over time, while in others the trauma responses persist—and it is the individuals with persistent trauma responses who need and seek help. And we can help these individuals and we can also train you to help others and also to heal yourself. As with parents whose job is to teach themselves out of a job, so it is with teachers, therapists, and coaches. We want you to take over healing yourself AND we want to teach you how—even though we’ve taught ourselves out of a job!

At MIDWEST INSTITUTE FOR SYSTEMIC CONSTELLATIONS, our goal is to offer healing for individuals—and to teach new skills to individuals and healers to they can better serve themselves and/or their clients. Historically, in particular in indigenous everywhere, healing trauma was the job of Medicine Men or Women, and the Wise Women—generally known today as Shamans. As civilization has spread across the globe, faith in Shamans diminished, and was replaced by allopathic physicians. Unfortunately the Medical Model in the Western world is extremely mechanistic and places emphasis on removing the symptoms with medication or surgery. In recent years, alternative healers of many varieties are moving towards a more holistic approach—with the goal of healing the individual, rather than simply masking or removing the symptoms. The systemic approach to healing that involves the ancestors and the community is becoming increasingly more accepted as its validity is shown to real. Alternative practitioners generally don’t use reductionist approaches where individuals are reduced to widgets, but rather they observe changes in the client as healing occurs This is not to suggest that there is no room for an alternative practitioner to work with allopathic physicians—there are times when allopathic medicine is necessary and often can be life-saving.

To become a functioning adult, the individual must achieve a level of liberty and freedom from his or her roles and obligations, developed in childhood as survival mechanisms in response to childhood traumas. Individuals with a history of trauma tend to act in rote fashion, like a guinea pig running endlessly on a treadmill. But in humans the treadmill is generally in the brain and often feels like they have a merry-go-round in their heads. These traumatized individuals tend to concentrate and worry endlessly on the wrongs perpetrated on them by others—often as children—rather than looking for healing methods that reduce or remove these obsessive thoughts that whirl non-stop in their heads, preventing them from becoming conscious, autonomous adults. Unfortunately many traumatized individuals have spent 10-30 years running from therapist to therapist, and some have even been blamed by those from whom they sought treatment. It’s NOT your fault!

If any of the above sounds like you or some or all of your clients—and you want to heal your personal trauma, or learn how to alleviate the traumas of others, this is the place to come! The MIDWEST INSTITUTE FOR SYSTEMIC CONSTELLATIONS is thrilled to announce the formation of the Center for Integral Learning where healing, constellations, mediumship, channeling, transformational coaching, and other techniques will be taught. We’ll also be offering additional classes in Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga by the end of this month, as well as nutrition and other wellness classes.

Beginning Saturday, October 21, 2017 there will be a class/workshop every Saturday from 4-6 for anyone who wishes to attend. Classes will feature a different topic each week and will include Constellations, Facilitator Training, NLP, Energy Healing, Consciousness and many other topics as the curriculum unfolds. We are working on achieving Nonprofit Status, as well as the certification to offer CEUs. The cost/week will be $39 a session and will be offered weekly unless there’s a holiday or other conflict. Please email Dr Liz Jelinek at to register. It will be possible to drop in but pre-registered individuals will be given preference. Come and join us for these amazing classes and shed the cords that bind you to the past. No previous experience required although license practitioners are very welcome. Individual constellations are available with Dr Liz by appointment. To make an appointment please email Dr Liz at Distance appointments are available. Dr Liz can meet by phone, Skype or in person.

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Liz Jelinek, Clinical Psychology- CONSTELLATIONS FACILITATOR Liz has studied Constellations with many of the most world’s renowned teachers. She has over 25 years of experience as a healer and psychotherapist, and specializes in creating a transformational experience for her clients, by helping them to heal mind, body and spirit. Systemic and Family Constellations provide unique opportunities to unravel the transgenerational entanglements that can be carried as soul memories that block self-determination and a transformational experience until they are resolved. Liz seeks to provide that opportunity for clients. For information about Constellations Workshops, Facilitator Training Program, and individual Coaching and Constellations: Contact Liz Jelinek


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