Beliefs: Their Power to Heal and Create


Quantum physicists are now saying that our thoughts create our reality. Energy follows thought and what we focus on or think about the most, creates our reality. If we truly want change in our lives, we need to become aware of our beliefs and how they are either helping create that reality or hindering it. My main goal as a healer was to find the one underlying tool that can help people heal themselves. I believe that looking at our belief systems, especially in healing, is the key to helping people heal themselves, to help them find the beliefs that are actually blocking their healing.

Our belief systems shape and create every aspect of our lives. We tell ourselves unconsciously what weight and size to be, and have beliefs about our overall physical health. If we are told our whole life that we won’t be successful unless we go to college, and we decide that college isn’t our thing, because of that unconscious belief being planted into our brains, any job we try to get we won’t succeed at until we get rid of that belief. With healing, there can be so many beliefs, it’s unfathomable. Some people may get less money or attention if they are healed, so that belief system keeps them unhealthy.

Every day I thank each and every part of my body and organs, and thank each one for running at maximum efficiency. I also repeat daily, “I AM perfect divine radiant health” and I haven’t gotten sick, or the flu, in years. Every aspect of our lives is created by our beliefs: prosperity, health, family, friends. If you are lonely and keep thinking, I am lonely, that is the energy you are sending out and the universe is responding by putting energy to it. If you are lonely, look at your beliefs and change your thoughts to, “I AM happy and grateful for all my friends and family.”

I am also working on increasing my income and prosperity by changing my old beliefs of, I have no money to, “I AM happy and grateful, I have all the money I need and want.” This is one of the major keys in life; understanding and changing our beliefs to create the realities we desire. If you want to start being aware of what your belief systems are but are unsure where to begin, look at what your fears are in your life. Our fears come from our belief system.


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