Facing Your Fears: Living the Creative Dream


Facing your creative dreams, or any dreams for that matter, can be scary — really scary! I don’t mean in the spooky sense, but in the real world, dealing with the fear of having a possible undesired outcome. This type of fear has the power to immobilize you and keep you from even trying, if you let it. The best way to deal with these fears is to First: become aware that you have them. Second: acknowledge that you have them. And Third: take action towards your desired outcome, with small manageable goals. Becoming aware of the existence of your fears may seem silly and redundant, however, you may not want to take this step so lightly.

In many cases, one may not be fully conscious of their fear. It may come across to them instead as an uneasy, uncomfortable feeling that causes them to stay away from the endeavor they desire to try. Never fully knowing the reason for avoidance, one may never explore that aspect of their creativity. By realizing you are feeling this way, you allow yourself to begin to have power over your fear. This then leads you to calmly acknowledge that you have this fear, and realize it is just a fear. From there, you can use logic to pinpoint what causes your fear, and the reasons why you need not be so afraid. Plus, you will realize what steps you can take to minimize the fear and instead, accomplish your goal!

Lastly, once you have an idea of what you want to do, break it down into small goals, representing what you can do from that point going forward over time. By doing these small, incremental goals, you will build-up confidence in yourself, knowing that you can accomplish and live your creative dreams!

Namaste, Abby


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