Greater Consciousness


One recent evening after I came across a quote by Madisyn Taylor, Approaching life with an open heart means that we have opened the door to a greater consciousness, I commenced to do an exercise and write down what has opened the door to my greater consciousness.

On my journey to wholehearted living and greater consciousness, I will share some of the golden nuggets I have learned on my journey to live a more fulfilled life.

· If you think you are too small to make a difference, you have never been in a tent or a dark room late at night with a fly sharing the space.

· Stop searching for your passion and purpose and let life lead you to it.

· There are many different ways how we learn, on our individual levels of personal growth. As humans, we grow and develop as our years progress. Through life experiences we learn quickly, we learn slowly, or we do not learn from life lessons. On the latter, if we don’t learn, the lessons are repeated until they are learned.

· The greatest thing is to love and receive love in return.

· Realizing that humming birds, the small red ant, the lone willow-tree, the ocean and our fellow men and women all have equal beauty and value.

· Cultivating our uniqueness; letting go of comparisons, letting go of the need for certainty, letting go of the fear to live-fully, letting go of the fear of loving, letting go of perfectionism, letting go of what people think, and letting people that don’t matter and things that don’t matter, matter.

· Learning is a lifetime journey. A journey filled with bits of gold and dust. Each and every human can make a difference, big or small.

These are some of my greater consciousness insights and golden nuggets. Try this exercise. Take some time to jot down what life lessons have helped opened your eyes to greater consciousness.

Gwendolyn Esco Davis, owner of G. EscoDavis, LLC, is a certified life coach and business mentor. Her practice of four decades focuses on women entrepreneurs, although she also coaches men business owners. She uses a holistic/organic approach, and publishes a monthly newsletter. Call:
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