Holiday Feng Shui


By Samantha Pennala

The holiday season is a veritable feast for the senses. We are engulfed in the sounds, smells, visual delights, hugs and “warm fuzzies”, and the marvelous tastes and treats for the palate that we only experience once a year. So, let’s use these sensual delights to Feng Shui our homes and offices for the holidays.

Remember, the idea of Feng Shui is to enhance the life energy, or Chi, in the home or workplace and make things more harmonious. The most important thing for the holidays is to keep YOU harmonious and filled with life energy! Not an easy task in our hectic society!

The first and maybe the most difficult thing, is to keep things SIMPLE. There are many ways to enhance the home or workplace to help smooth out the energy roller coaster created by the holiday rush. Let’s take a look at the Western version of the Feng Shui Bagua, to find some of the places where we can create more harmony.




Entry door

Imagine this blueprint over the house, room or office that you want to enhance with positive energy. Each of these areas can be harmonized by simple additions and attention that can help smooth the energy and create a more peaceful environment. Let’s look at each area individually, and then overall, to see how we can create a place of refuge and regeneration. Remember, you can place the bagua outline over the whole house or just an individual room.

Since the holiday focus is often on family and friends, let’s begin by adding enhancements to the Family and Relationship areas.

To calm and balance unsettled or chaotic family energy, place a gently moving mobile in the Family area of the house. Create family health and peace by placing a new green plant, or other items with the color green, in the Family area to enhance harmony, peace, and growth. Enliven and strengthen the family (or the office staff) by hanging a wind chime in the Family and Relationship areas. Be sure that the chime has a pleasing, clear sound.

To enhance the Relationship area, add some fresh new green plants to power up the harmony, peace, and growth. This is a good area to add some soft pink items, (GREAT place for a loving rose quartz crystal) to generate the unconditional love that the season is really all about. Add some red power plants (poinsettias are in season!) to the Wealth area to keep the finances strong on the home front. You could also add some good silk flowers to this area to boost your wealth. At this time of year some of the stores have artificial gold poinsettias that are quite effective and attractive for this purpose.

Fill your home with soothing music and aromas that are comforting and love-inspiring as much as possible. Have a potpourri of apple, cinnamon, vanilla or whatever scent makes you feel “warm and fuzzy” and at peace. Take a bath with lavender, pine, rose, or tangerine to relax and feel calm after a day of holiday shopping, cooking or errands. Keep a small bottle of basil, peppermint or spearmint to inhale gently to revive your mental fatigue and weariness due to stress.

Add a faceted crystal to any area and place it with the intention of bringing a specific energy or state of mind into that area. Make your home or office a wonderland of sights, sounds, smells, touch and tastes that fill your heart with wonder, and your Soul with great joy and laughter.

Always keep in mind: Move in Harmony, Breathe Deeply, and SMILE! Happy Holidays!

Samantha is a Naturopathic Practitioner,Medical Intuitive, and Feng Shui Master with 30 years experience in successfully using Integrative Energetic Therapies, Functional Medicine and Natural Healing Modalities, giving clients thorough, personalized and empowering ways to heal themselves and others. Contact Samantha at: 909-305-3082 or


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