Managing Your Time Wisely; Dealing with Deadlines


There comes a time when everything you need to do needs to be done immediately, and it’s all due at the same time. Oh no! What do you do? Well, first things first. Don’t panic; panic only aggravates your anxiety and perpetuates negative conditions. Take a deep breath and affirm with yourself that you can do this! You can handle the task as to what to do, first by either using logic, or you can try an intuitive approach.

The logical path
Make a list of what you need to accomplish. After each heading, rate on a scale from 1-10 the difficulty level. Create a new subcategory for the time allotted. In this section, write down the estimated time it will take you to do each task. Based on the information you’ve gathered, you can then decide your best course of action.

The intuitive path
Now, for a little intuitive selection, look at the list you made in the above exercise and allow your eyes to go soft; see if you are drawn to any items on your list. Do any of them stand out or light up? Perhaps you feel pulled to one task over the others. Next, take some color highlighters and assign importance based on their color. For example, yellow is the most valued color. Highlight the ones you feel most drawn to, to work on first.

I personally think both methods are useful. I first think of the practicality of what it would take to accomplish each project, and then taking that into account, I then go with the project I feel most drawn to. In no time, you will find that everything gets done! When you go with the path you feel most drawn to, you’re working with the flow instead of against yourself.

Namaste, Abby


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