All for Oneness, and Oneness and Enlightenment for All


Hello my friends, Happy Enlightenment November,

This month we will focus on enlightenment. This is a powerful month for this because of the number 11. First of all, I hope you are enjoying the exercises that I have been sharing with you this year. I’d like for you to continue the exercises from last month and to focus on Enlightenment.

How do you feel when you see the number 11:11 or 1:11?

Do you see it all the time?

Pay attention to this and other power numbers like 555, 888, 777. 1212, and of course 1111. These numbers have powerful meaning to your personal growth, awakening, abundance, and enlightenment.
Our focus this month is on enlightenment because 11;11 is the code to enlightenment within our consciousness. This means that when you keep seeing these numbers that you are ready on a very deep level to awaken to a higher level toward enlightenment.

Many think that enlightenment looks a certain way and that we all should have the same perfect experience. This couldn’t be further than the truth; we are now at the time of enlightenment where we are all here to live enlightened lives.

Reality, the universe, heavens are not linear and that is what we are here to bring a new reality minus duality and completely connected. Many of us are consciousness workers who are here to go beyond enlightenment to help the transition we as a consciousness are creating.

So what I ask now more than ever is to focus on clearing things that no longer serve you. If you find yourself judging others that is only self judgment. We are all here to create something entirely different, remember hatred of hatred is still hatred.

Focus on placing yourself in spirit neutral and feeling true empathy for all, do not slip into sympathy. Sympathy is also judgment; you are judging that your experience is somehow better than others.

Okay now do your meditation with focus on spirit neutral and true love and oneness.

I’ve given you a lot to digest sense and feel so let yourself feel what you must.

Light, Love, and Service!!!

Todd Stockwell, Master Teacher, Guide, and Healer.

I will be doing special empowerments at Michigan Psychic Fairs. Join me Nov. 11th for Vortex QuantOm Workshop or Nov 26th for 11:11:11. I will be at most of the fairs so visit site for dates, directions and details I look forward to meeting you and hearing about your progress. I am here to help support you so if you have any questions, go to: or You can also reach me on Facebook, via the website, or by phone. Call: 734-740-9110.


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