Protecting Your Energy, Moods and Thoughts


Have you ever been in a good mood, then someone with a negative mood or energy comes along and you “catch” their mood or energy, even their thoughts? Scientists have proven we “mirror” others. How can you keep your good mood, and be centered in your own energy and thoughts?

Health-wise, for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health, it’s important to stay grounded in positive energy, moods and thoughts as much as possible. Positive energy, moods and thoughts have been shown to enhance health, whereas negativity causes dis-ease in life. Using your breath and yoga can help you ground yourself in your own energy and recognize your own thoughts. Positive or negative, they are your energies, moods and thoughts . And energy, moods and thoughts are transient.. so you can at any time choose how you feel, and what your personal energy will be.

All you have to do is take a deep breath, step back and be in the present moment… acknowledge how you feel, what your energy and thoughts are… then choose how you want to feel, what energy you want to connect with and how you choose to perceive the situation you temporarily find yourself in.

Later, you can do some inner work by journaling and/or meditating on what you discovered about yourself. First, were those thoughts, energy and feelings yours? Second, if so, are they connected with an original event from your past? For example, did that person you interacted with remind you of someone from your past?

Or, if those thoughts, energy and feelings seemed foreign, just let them go and ground yourself into your own personal energy, your center, and know you can develop better boundaries by practicing meditation and yoga. The idea is to get in touch with your inner self, and by doing so, know who you are in a deeper and more connected way. That way, you can know where your energy ends, what your moods feel like, and which thoughts are actually yours, so that you can protect your own moods, energy and thoughts, living and enjoying life in the present moment.


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