How to Read Oracle Cards: Change Card


Oracle cards are a direct connection to our subconscious mind. It responds to pictures and the archetypal symbols we all just simply know. A circle or a square carries meaning across all cultures. A red rose symbolizes love. Butterflies represent transformation. An owl is the symbol of wisdom and magic. Then we have our personal symbols and those related to our family of origins. Overtime, you may discover a series of your own divination symbols. Seeing a loaf of bread over someone can mean they are eating a lot of carbs or they are struggling with food. Seeing or smelling smoke around someone can sometimes mean they are a budding shaman/ness, or were in a past life and they are coming out as a medicine man/woman today.

For divination, the cards have much to tell through the images, feelings and thoughts you may receive. The cards are loaded with information! In one of my first tries at a mediumship reading, I seriously questioned the information that Fettucine Alfredo was a special traditional dish made by a girl’s mother. My ego said, yeah right! Of course you are getting Fettucine Alfredo. She’s Italian! Everyone eats that! But it turns out, it was her signature dish. This meant so much to her. It was confirmation that her mother was with her and showing up for her, in her reading. Moral of the story is to trust the information you get. The more you do it, the better you’ll be at it.

This month’s card is “Change” from the Vintage Wisdom deck by Victoria Moseley. It’s a favorite go-to deck of mine. Oracle card decks usually come with a book explaining the symbolism and message that comes with each card. This one does and it’s very valuable. It will give you extra insight. If you’ve ever read my oracle card readings at my blog, you know how incredibly right-on the cards are. It’s uncanny! But that is how it works, because it does work. However, giving an oracle card reading has less to do with what the book says, unless it’s a tarot deck. More on that in the future. For now, let the images, feelings and thoughts guide you for the “Change” card. Let’s begin!

A lovely girl protects herself from the blowing winds. A glowing sunset sets softly through trees losing their autumn leaves. A cycle is pictured here, of fall and the changing seasons. This could mean making a big move, or contemplating one. This card could mean retirement is near, or a change in career. The upturned roots suggest a possible move to a new home, or a completely new state or country. It could also mean the end of a relationship or job. Change is inevitable or it’s being put off.

There seems to be a forlorn sadness in the girl’s face. Is she putting off change and decisions that have to be made? I love to get deep into the cards and explore the possible meanings. Going within is the key. What does that mean? How is the card making you feel? What emotions are coming up? Pulling this card for yourself may reveal your sadness of the passing summer, for youth or a relationship. You may miss a loved one who passed around this time of year. It is totally possible for you to get this information for someone else.

When you have said a prayer and have begun giving your reading, the presence of the person you are reading will inform the reading, and intuitive information will start to come. To intuit means to go within. I teach intuition classes and people are blown away at how the process flows, once they know where to start. The Merriam-Webster dictionary gives this definition: to know or understand (something) because of what you feel or sense rather than because of evidence: to know or understand (something) through intuition. Yes! Using the cards takes us to a whole other world. A place we have access to always.

The owl is a sacred symbol for the feminine, the moon, magic and wisdom, omens and being able to see clearly in the dark. Hearing our intuition can feel very much like feeling around in the dark, looking for where the secrets are. The owl shown here is a barn owl. Barn owls are master hunters because of their highly developed sense of hearing, giving it the intuitive significance for clairaudience, which means clear hearing. This could be a sign of expanding intuition and inner awareness in general, and for cultivating mediumship skills, which means talking to deceased loved ones.

It seems every time I look at the cards, I see something new. The lady here wears a magical skirt of full moons and new moons, further clarifying the magical spirit of this card. If you can see in the dark, then surely you will possess wisdom. If you pulled this card for someone, or for yourself, the owl might mean the ultimate truth of a situation has been revealed, and it’s time to move on. The owl is a symbol of the Greek goddess Athena, the goddess of strategy, war, wisdom, justice, inspiration, art and skill. Here is a bit about Athena from my last Pisces Full Moon oracle card reading. I pulled the “Change” card.

The owl rests on a tree branch above a rose-gold and yellow wide-open space, foretelling of things to come. Athena rests to the side, waiting and holding room for the coming future. She will have the knowledge she needs. She can trust the cycles of life. She can’t outrun time, but she can align with it. Hold space. Embrace change. The only thing that doesn’t change is that everything changes.

I am thoroughly enjoying divining the cards with you! The more you dive in, the more you’ll enjoy it!


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