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Tourmaline is a triagonal, three-sided crystalline formation, found in California, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Russia and Brazil. Its variety of colors depends on what metals were present while crystallizing. Tourmaline has all the colors of the rainbow: clear, black, brown, tri-colors and bi-colors. It’s the only mineral that displays such a large variety of colors. Tourmaline is unique in the fact that it emits energy, instead of absorbing it.

Each color of Tourmaline can be used on the appropriate color for each chakra. Tourmaline cleanses, stimulates, opens and maintains our chakras, clears our meridians, reenergizes, rejuvenates, enhances confidence and inspiration, alleviates fears, and balances the body and mind both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Black Tourmaline is protective, grounding, alleviates pain, strengthens bones, feet and circulation. My healing room has a piece of black Tourmaline in each corner, protecting my client and self. Brown or dravite clears and aligns our auras, it’s grounding, opens knee chakras, deepens our connection with earth and heals digestive disturbances.

Watermelon Tourmaline has a pink center with green surrounding it; it provides a connection to the highest self of the heart chakra, promotes inner peace, balances yin/yang, and strengthens our connection with nature as well as the nervous system, lungs, heart, heart chakra and emotions. Blue or indicolite’s calming energies soothe and de-stress the nervous system, and enhance psychic abilities and communication.

Pink Tourmaline or rubellite stimulates our heart and crown chakras, enhancing the highest aspects of love. It promotes peace, joy, trust, awareness, enthusiasm for life, feminine power, heart, lungs, skin and the endocrine system. Green helps us see from the heart, opens the heart chakra, strengthens positive masculine traits with compassion and activates cells to heal. It also inspires prosperity, success and creativity, transforms lower vibrational energies, and enhances the eyes, heart, thymus and immune system.

To use Tourmaline in meditation, you only need one piece. Focus on your breath. Start at the crown chakra and work down through each chakra, to the base, using the same affirmation and visualization for each. Hold the stone on each chakra for 5 minutes, before moving on to the next. As you hold the Tourmaline on each chakra, visualize a ray of light emanating out of the Tourmaline, and filling each chakra it is held on. This amplifies the Tourmaline’s properties. Hold the Tourmaline on your crown chakra, inhale, and feel your crown chakra opening like a lotus blossoming.

Visualize a ray of light emanating from the Tourmaline into your crown chakra, filling it with radiant light. As you exhale repeat, “I now release everything that is not for my highest and greatest good.” Now bring your awareness and the Tourmaline to your third eye chakra and follow the above steps for each chakra. Inhaling, feel the chakra opening and visualize the chakra being filled with the energy ray of the Tourmaline. Then exhale, repeating the same affirmation. Have fun!


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