Your Thoughts Matter

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Many people do not realize how important their thoughts are. Your thoughts result in the type of attitude you have, and your attitude determines the quality of your life. People joke about needing an attitude adjustment, but your attitude is extremely important. There is a world of difference between people who have a very positive attitude and those with a negative attitude.

Earl Nightingale, who was a great motivational author, had an extremely positive attitude. When a salesman complained about how difficult it would be to sell to a group of people who were very ‘clannish’ Mr. Nightingale responded, “Great! Once you sell to one of them you’ll sell the whole group.” What others saw as obstacles, Nightingale saw as opportunities.

Martin Seligman talks about how salesmen who have a very positive attitude will hang in there even after getting many rejections. Others, who are not so positive, will tend to give up after a few people turn them down. Their attitude determines whether they will be successful or not.

Think about how likely it would be to go up to a stranger of the opposite sex and attempt to strike up a conversation. If you had the attitude, “he or she won’t see anything in me,” you probably won’t even try. Whereas, if you have the attitude, “I have a lot to offer and I’ll bet he or she would love to talk to someone as interesting as I am,” you would be much more likely to approach this person. A positive attitude will take you so much farther than a negative one will.

There is a funny story about a well-known boxer who was seeing a sports psychologist. One evening, the boxer called the psychologist and complained about not being able to sleep because he had a negative thought. The boxer was very upset. The psychologist could not understand why one negative thought would cause him to be so upset. The boxer stated, “I learned a long time ago in the ring that if I have a negative thought, I wind up getting punched in the face. So I don’t want to have even one negative thought.” Can you imagine how much different your life would be if you had that type of attitude? Keeping your thoughts positive is so important for happiness and success.

You are in charge of your thoughts. You can choose to have a positive thought or a negative thought. The choice is up to you. You can choose power-enhancing thoughts rather than power-draining thoughts. This being the case, why would you choose to have a negative attitude when you can just as easily have a positive attitude? It takes the same amount of energy to have a positive thought as it does to have a negative one, so why do so many people choose the negative thought?

When we are growing up, we receive a lot of negative messages. Until about age 5 or 6, we believe completely what we are told by our caregivers. Too often we absorb and accept these messages, and as adults we still believe many of them. We are not even aware of these harmful beliefs because they are locked into our subconscious mind. How do we free ourselves of these negative beliefs if we are not even aware of having them?

Usually one cannot do this alone; it may require the help of a professional therapist or counselor. Perhaps a more efficient way to eliminate these negative beliefs is through the use of hypnosis. Since hypnosis deals with the subconscious mind, it is very easy to get in touch with the negative messages and find out where they originated. Once this is done, they can be removed and replaced with more positive thoughts and beliefs.

If you would like to see if hypnosis can help improve your life, please call Phil Rosenbaum at: 248-688-6469. It could be the best investment you make. You deserve to be happy and successful.


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