Believe in Universal Love


It is easy to believe in the unconditionally loving intelligence in the universe when things are going along in a generally positive way for us; but when that is not the case, is exactly when we need to be strong in our belief and trust.

As a healer, I see this challenge as a perennial one – cycling through our lives over and over from the moment of our birth. There we were – safely warm and cozy in our mother’s womb, when suddenly everything became extremely uncomfortable and we ended up under bright lights in the harsh environment of a hospital! Then we rediscovered our mother and milk. Everything was all right again until we found ourselves with a belly ache and that was miserable until we made our first dump and then we felt good again! Things went along pretty well, despite teething and other discomforts and just when we were feeling pretty good and strong, our instincts demanded that we learn to walk.

Doing so caused us to fall and hurt ourselves and to feel more vulnerable as we became more independent, which was so much fun. And so on the cycle continues throughout life, of what seems an intolerable discomfort forcing us into new situations. Once we learn what we need there, we grow stronger and feel at home and masterful; then we are forced again into a new experience. We can make the most of these experiences or we can resist them, but they will continue regardless, throughout our lives as adults, and we will continue to grow.

Currently, we are undergoing one of the very challenging phases of social and planetary experiences. It would be easy to lose trust because there are so many things, whether we look at society, finances or the environment, upon which we rely which are currently in precarious states. The unconditionally loving intelligence of the universe has brought us to this pass for a reason. It is no more our fault than it was when we were birthed out of our mother’s womb into the harsh hospital environment. This is the way things are required to go, even though it may appear to be disastrous. It is time for everything to change, but it isn’t the end, it is just the beginning of something better.

For people who have learned to be sensitive and caring about others and the environment, it is natural to look at greedy and damaging behaviors of humans and be frightened, angry and judgmental. These responses make perfect sense, however they aren’t helpful. When you look instead to the higher intelligence in the universe, by whatever name you like to call it, and let go of your judgment to try to see things from that clearer place, you may find a different perspective.

What I have found there is the realization, that like the complete change each of us experienced in leaving our mother’s womb, our world is going through a complete change. Humans are being directed to find our true self within, and in so doing to allow a new world to emerge around us. This is called the journey of ascension, and it is a complete shift for everyone and everything in our world. Fortunately there are stages for these changes, so it doesn’t end abruptly or in an apocalyptic manner, but progresses over time like walking up a very long flight of stairs.

The job of ascension is to integrate the unconditionally loving intelligence of the universe into ourselves and our world. The world will follow what humans do, so beginning within our personal selves is our most important job. Each of us was created by our individual Higher Self. Over many lifetimes we have been growing the soul muscles and capacities that our Higher Self requires in order for it to live wholly within the created world. Every challenge and restriction we have experienced has been toward this goal.

The current state of insecurity in our world is an opportunity to embrace our Higher Self and the unconditionally loving energies of the universe as more than just an idea. Who we really are is an eternal, safe and unbreakable spiritual being. Our human self is the creation of that spiritual truth, and it is being asked to believe and trust in that; more than in the security of society and even nature. Like the child leaving the womb, our creature selves are entering an incomprehensible new experience — we are being asked to become one with our eternal natures and to rely on that for our survival. This will allow us to surrender the old and enter the new and much better experience that life holds for us here on Earth.

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