Wild Woman Reborn!


A woman reclaiming her True Self will restore our broken world.
The world will be saved by the western woman.
Dalai Lama XIV

I have a question for all you women. Would you rather be a stray cat….free, adventurous and unbound that lives an average of 2-3 years? Or, would you rather be a house cat that lives contained, boxed and comfortable? Please take a moment to think about your choice before you read on.

What if it was possible to be both? What if it is possible to access your erotic power, inner freedom AND be safe, responsible, and supported? It is very common for people to have limiting beliefs that prevent authentic happiness. Real sustaining happiness comes from an inward permission to be your True Self…not from a condition, lover or place. If you have limiting beliefs that these things can “give” you something you are lacking…you will eventually lose yourself to these things. Sovereignty and intimacy are intrinsically balanced on an ability to rest in your innate fullness.

Are you ready to have your wild woman re-born in a safe supported way? ‘People pleasing’ is the opposite of passion. It is unfortunately very common for women to have their sexuality so taken advantage of, or objectified (by society, or a partner) that they repress their inner fire as a survival mechanism. Isn’t it time to set yourself free?

Many women ‘make up’ for their lack of connection and fear of communicating emotional needs by mothering their men. Learning to ask for more integrity, conviction, emotional intimacy, and presence from men, calls them into their True Self. (This pattern also happens in same sex relationships)

Come sit in a circle, share your heart and remember who you truly are in this transformational woman’s gathering, Aphrodite Rising, Oct. 18, 6-9pm, 7weeks, at Accepted As I Am Center in Plymouth. (Investment is $235 for all 7 workshops, or $45 drop-in.) This incredible gathering will nourish your heart, re-wild your fire, awaken your sensual creative strength and empower your voice. Experience inspirational intuitive guidance from therapist and spiritual teacher Barbra White M.A., Di.hom, powerful teachings in re-claiming your feminine strength, and tremendous support from a sister tribe!

There are 5 main dimensions to an awakened woman:

Aphrodite: the erotic, lover and sexual life force.

Princess: deep abiding faith, relaxed into her innate worth and trusts life.

Wild Woman: intuition, animal instinct, spontaneity, and innate connection to the natural world.

(These three dimensions are contained and kept safe by the Queen and Mother.)

Mother: holds, nurtures, and supports.

Queen: sovereignty, discernment and respect for the holiness of her heart. The Queen and Mother need to be ‘fed’ by the peace, pleasure and wildness of the other 3 dimensions. (Otherwise the Mother and Queen become dry, brittle and depressed in their hearts) There is a way to live into all 5 dimensions of your True Self!

Why live in only one dimension? Would you rather be free, happy, and alive… or fit in? Why not surround yourself with a group of women who support you in your wildness, freedom and beauty? Beauty after all, is a quality of your Soul, not something based on weight or age. Have you lost yourself in relationships? Are you ready to reclaim your confidence and stand in a readiness of the good that Life wants to bring you?

If this information resonates with you, please come to APHRODITE RISING: CELEBRATE BEING A WOMAN. If for any reason you truly need financial help, please contact Barbra for a work trade. 734-455-1438. We want all women who hear the inward calling, to attend.


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