Here we are in the 21 Century and still, we celebrate a phenomenon which happened over two thousand years ago. No matter what your beliefs, we can all feel the joyous energy in the celebration that something magnificent happens this time of year. Whether you say happy holidays or Merry Christmas when greeting each other, in our hearts we are reaching out with a positive and loving energy. This is the season of busy schedules filled with shopping, parties, and family gatherings, it is exciting anticipating the big day! However, we must not become so busy that we skip our time of reflection and prayer. This is the time you need to renew your spiritual awareness while giving thanks and asking for forgiveness. God blessed the people of Earth with his only begotten son to light up our lives with hope wherein he gave us the gift of being forgiven.

Now that we have entered into this new century we find that people are falling away from traditional beliefs. With adversity comes renewed faith; I believe that we are entering into an age of spiritual enlightenment. We are becoming more aware of faith without traditional protocols and dogma of religion, instead, people are discovering that God is much more and cannot be contained by only one religion. With this new understanding, many are finding their connection with the universal mind of God becomes stronger. For those of you who connect to the universal mind through your intuition, prayer or meditation, you have the same access to everyone on Earth as those that search the web-but with an extended calling range to the outer world and spirit, this growing acceptance of spirit connection is helping people strengthen their faith, accepting that we are more than just physical beings.

Make this coming year a time to develop your intuition and connection with the universal mind of God and spirit. Start with meditation, prayer or just quiet reflection as all your answers come from trusting in your connection to God. Start with quieting the noise of life and listen to your answers. I have been blessed with the gift of clairvoyance and awareness of my connection with spirit since I was very young, I knew my purpose early in life was to share the wisdom of God and light up the life path of those that I read, so that they can better navigate their physical Earth experience.

Interestingly, so many of my clients this year have come asking about their purpose in this life. There is an increasing number of people who are looking to open up their third eye of intuition and desire to connect with the greater knowledge of the universal mind.

You may ask, how can this be done? Start with being open and just ask for God’s wisdom on how to deal with a problem that faces you. Be very specific about your request, but beware that the answer you get maybe much different from what you want or expect. It can be difficult to receive an answer from Gods wisdom that does not seem to solve your issue or expectation. This is why at times you need to seek out someone who can open their intuition and connection to God, someone who does not have any expectations, but to only bring forth information that spirit and the Universal mind wants to share. I have learned to never argue or doubt the wisdom of the God and the highest spiritual beings.

I teach my psychic development students to always keep the questions to the universe simple and direct. Such as, if you need a question answered of your higher self, don’t make it complicated nor be set in your ways as to what you want the outcome to be. Have faith in God’s wisdom.

Life is not eternal on Earth; we are growing our faith through experiences so that we will have an eternal life with God. Remember: For GOD so loved the world, that he gave his only SON, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

I believe that when God sent his only son to Earth, it was to deliver the gift of forgiveness and to open our connection to the universal mind of God, helping us evolve our souls.

With the wisdom of God’s light, have a Merry Christmas


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