“Brain Dump Meditation” Quite Your Mind


Quieting the mind of the overthinkers, the fidgeters, and those who have a hard time slowing down!

Let’s face it we live in a fast-paced and chaotic world. Whether we are absorbing what we see on the news and social media, or trying to maintain some sanity juggling our careers, our health, our family and social lives, and any other obligations we are tied to, it can be extremely difficult to “quiet the mind” and come up for air!

Before I began my yoga and meditation practice, I was completely unaware of the mind-body connection and the impact that a consistent mindfulness practice could have in my entire life. As someone who has struggled with anxiety, lack of confidence, feeling overwhelmed, etc. I have learned that although it may be DIFFICULT… it is NECESSARY to give our minds a break in order to RECHARGE once in awhile!

Meditation and deep breathing practices are only components of “mindful living” but they are powerful tools to incorporate into our daily lives.

Some benefits of meditation and deep breathing include:
– Reduces stress and anxiety
– Improves concentration
– Relaxation
– Lowers Blood Pressure

One of my favorite go-to meditations when I am overthinking, feeling anxious, and/or having a hard time slowing down is called the BRAIN DUMP Meditation! Try this exercise for 5-10 minutes to bring clarity to your thoughts and help you prioritize where you are spending your energy.

Supplies: Journal, pen, peace and quiet!

Set Up:

• With your journal and pen nearby, start seated upright in a comfortable position.
• Lengthen the spine, relax the shoulders and close the eyes.
• Start by taking a few deep, clearing breaths, inhaling through the nose, exhaling out of the mouth, setting the stage for your meditation.
• Once you feel settled, keeping your eyes closed, put your pen to the paper and begin to write!
• Allow yourself to be completely open to whatever comes up for you, and write it down on the paper without judgment!
• Different thoughts, images, and ideas may start to come up for you, write them ALL down as they surface. You can write sentences, words and/or draw pictures (anything that accurately portrays what is going on in your mind).
• After you spend some time “journaling” gently blink the eyes open and reflect on what you see.
• This can serve as a great visual representation of what has been taking up space in your mind and where you have been spending your energy!
• After you are finished processing the meditation, take a few deep breaths and close your journal.
• Come back to this meditation whenever you need to find clarity.

Melissa Brode

Melissa is a Writer, Yoga Teacher, and Body Image/Confidence Coach. As a coach, it is her mission to help people break free from their inner critic, end their dysfunctional relationships with food and exercise, love their bodies, and find the freedom to live a confident life they love! www.fuel-wellness.com


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