ROCK OF THE MONTH: Crystals for the Holiday Season


Its that time of year when we buy or make gifts to show our loved ones some gratitude and appreciation for the joy and love they bring into our lives. Crystals can make great gifts for the holidays, they are affordable, easy to use and you can choose ones that help with specific needs for your family and friends. If you have a crystal lover in your life here are some suggestions that make great gifts.

Celestite in the work environment attracts good fortune, emanates peace, harmony and good communication. Strengthens our connection with our angels and guides, enhances clairvoyance, dissolves pain by infusing it with love, strengthens our eyes, ears, brings about cellular order and calms our minds as well as our muscles.

Citrine is also a great for the work environment, it protects us by transmuting lower vibrational energies into gold light strengthening and clearing all of auras and chakras, they are great crystals for helping us to focus our thoughts onto what we are creating in our lives and amplify what we are manifesting, Its golden sunshine rainbow energies alleviates depression while instilling optimism, joy for life.

You can benefit greatly from taking an Amethyst and/or rose quartz crystal bath. You only need 1- 5 crystals, the more crystals you add the stronger the energy will be from the stones. When I take crystal baths, I place one crystal in the water by my feet and one piece in each corner of the tub. Make sure they are not water soluble or they will break down. The stones can also be placed out of the water around the tub.

Rose quartz saturates the water, our cells, emotions, and heart with universal unconditional love. It also keeps the skin youthful and strengthens love for self and others, relationships, our heart, blood, and circulation. Amethysts calming, peaceful, soothing violet energies make a nice destressing bath, it enhances our psychic senses and instills meditation.

Amethyst is also excellent for helping to overcome any addiction and beneficial for alleviating headaches.

Garnet helps awaken within that we are all deserving of the infinite universal prosperity and abundance available to us all. It is beneficial during stress, trauma or crisis, strengthening our survival instincts. Garnet clears all of our chakras and stimulates circulation bringing warmth to the physical body, for those who get cold often or have poor circulation also regenerates our DNA.

Bodyworks healing center has a large selection of crystals and minerals for every crystal lover. Come into Bodyworks and pick up your pre-packaged bunches of rose quartz & amethyst for the holiday season and see what other seasonal deals they are offering.

Have fun



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