by William Helton

I have spent a lot of time with both, healthy & unhealthy individuals, observing their habits, behavior, challenges, and aspirations in life. By just listening closely to their personal story a picture begins to form brilliantly to describe their past to the present. All strong inherent beliefs carry information that has the tendency to symbolically show up in a localized area in the BODY. How? Thoughts are energy and when contemplating on a certain thought long enough it begins to create a dense pattern, and thus matter is born. The matter is nothing more than condensed energy.

ONE cannot escape their thoughts ONLY change them. And so this internal struggle, with a self-inflicted belief system, follows the ONE in question UNTIL a permanent reminder can be imprinted to the physical BODY; at which time the subconscious has filed away the data. THE BODY is an autobiographical story that speaks in detail on the hiSTORY/herStory of its thinker.

So why is healing often met with resistance from the ALLOPATHIC community as well as the HOLISTIC circle? After years of studying hundreds of cases, a pattern emerges that can not be denied. The BODY is the effect and ‘NOT the cause’ due from years of repetitive thinking brought on by a belief system that is not conducive to a vibrantly healthy lifestyle. It is ‘emotional trauma’ from the past that creates the blueprint that is then downloaded into the flesh. Everything that is written in the MIND transfers to the BODY over a period of time.

A healthy BODY begins in the MIND and Heart. When ‘sincerely’ forgiving the past with gratitude & unconditional LOVE this beautiful energy begins to transform those harmful energetic patterns into favorable ones. Beliefs create the blueprint. You can NOT only FORGIVE all your yesterdays but more importantly, you must FEEL the loving emotion that is created by this powerful EMOTION. It is this feeling that good feeling hormones are released and begins its journey to bathe the BODY back to a healthy state.

Love your PAST, FUTURE, and PRESENT with the same admiration. LIFE is only an expression of the MIND.

Always My Best! William Helton


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