Mystic Jesus – His Radical Message of Love


The Master Jesus came two Centuries ago to herald in the Piscean Age. Each Astrological Age is 2165 years in length going backward through the zodiac from Aries to Pisces to Aquarius, where we are today. During each of these cycles, humanity has the opportunity to learn certain lessons and the lessons for the Age of Pisces were Love, Service, Forgiveness, Healing – very different from lessons uppermost in the previous Age.

The Master Jesus embodied the consciousness of that Age with His revolutionary teachings though tragically vitally important doctrines such as karma and reincarnation and healing – the essence of Christianity – are still not accepted in the Orthodox Church. His Teachings were revolutionary in that they were a total change from the previous teachings of “an eye for an eye”.

We know, through the Mediumship of the Spiritual Master who founded The Aetherius Society, Dr. George King (1919-1997), that Jesus was one of several Interplanetary Masters who came to help mankind. He did this powerfully with His self-directed crucifixion and the resulting positive manipulation of the terrible world karma prevalent at that time – the direct result of centuries of bloodshed and chaos by mankind.

Jesus, Godly in nature, had evolved through eons of time into a Cosmic Avatar of Love who understood the deeper mysteries of this power of Creation. In deep compassion for the plight of humanity, He must have watched and understood our need and stepped into this moment in our history in an act of supreme sacrifice. His birth, which required this refined, elevated God-like intelligence to partake of the grossness of a backward material world, was the ultimate sacrifice.

Can we imagine the love of a fully conscious Cosmic Adept who would volunteer to be reborn into this world of bloody war and chaos? This was a fraction of the Love of Jesus. His birth was not demanded by the law of birth and rebirth as ours is, in order to slowly and painfully learn the lessons demanded by our karma. His birth was an act of Divine Intervention. It was a gift to us, the undeserving war-like race on Earth: the ultimate gift so that we might continue on our slow journey back to God.

At this time of ever-increasing chaos and division in our world, our only choice is Love and the radical message of The Master Jesus gives direction to our loving hearts. This great Cosmic Master wanted to empower all human beings, whatever their sex, race or social status with what he knew to be their Divine potential. The theologian/author, Matthew Fox said: “The mark of the true Church….….will always be as Jesus said it ought to be: wherever compassion is found.”

The most hopeful and positive news for many of us is that The Master Jesus is still with us today in this Aquarian Age for as He says: “I have never left you…”. The Jesus that is emerging more fully in these days is an awakened, empowered Mystic and healer with immense personal powers. This new portrait, in keeping with this Age, is being painted by the findings of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Library 70 years ago which reveal a Mystic Jesus very different from the orthodox Jesus we previously knew. This powerful, compassionate Aquarian Jesus with a revolutionary vision and spirit is also revealed through the many Cosmic Transmissions delivered through the Mediumship of Dr George King.

The following is a short Extract from one of these Transmissions:

“The Age which is breaking now, brings with it great possibilities and is the Age of Science. Science by itself is like the soul-less wanderer of the realms of night. Yet a warmth will come out of Love, to fashion it into a tool, so that it becometh as a wise man, finding his home. Warm it with that Love my brothers. Let that wondrous everlasting Power from your hearts fall upon this science, so that it becometh as a tool in the hands of everlasting Divinity and not that soul-less thing which you have made of it.” The Master Jesus through the Mediumship of Dr. George King.

You are warmly welcome to join Dave Capraro and me at our Christmas Social and Cosmic Transmission evening on Friday, December 8 where we shall be discussing and playing extracts from Transmissions delivered by The Master Jesus. We shall focus on two of His beautiful prayers given to us all to use in this coming Age- The New Lord’s Prayer and the Prayer for Spiritual Workers. Please join us for a festive and Spiritual evening!


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