How to Read Oracle Cards: Transition


We have a beautiful card to read this month and it’s perfect for the season! Our focus is the “Transition” card from my go-to divination deck “Vintage Wisdom”. I use this deck personally and in my How to Develop Your Intuition workshops because they are richly layered with symbolism.

There are so many ways to get intuitive information. Images offer up clear insight, as well as feelings and thoughts we can get from the cards. You might even smell something or get a strong taste in your mouth. Clairgustance or clear taste, often happens with clairalience, the psychic gift of clear smell. People who have the gift of clairgustance can taste words. Wow! So if out of nowhere you smell your Grandmother’s apple pie or taste it, and the oven isn’t on, she’s making her presence known to you.

A lovely etheric winged being stands at a threshold into another world. She seems to be thinking back, contemplating all that brought her to now, and to this doorway. It makes me think of the New Year. She wears a crown, which could symbolize the need for personal acknowledgment and reverence. We just celebrated Halloween or Samhain and to many, that is the New Year. If this card came up in a reading it could mean it’s time to take inventory of all the year’s accomplishments. Perhaps this person does not give themselves enough credit, hence the crown. How amazing was the journey of the year?! How incredible all of the things that were so skillfully done, and the things that came together beautifully out of big messes? A brag fest might be in order.

A sliver of a moon reflects the midway point of a lunar cycle, giving more of the feeling of being in the middle of something and making the way through to the other side, and into the future. She looks a bit shy and even hesitant to move on. The look on her face might actually feel to you like the person you are reading. Or if are reading yourself, you might see or feel sad about something very difficult that happened this past year. Maybe even the loss of a loved one or dealing with a health crisis.

Let your feelings and thoughts guide you, as well as the images and what you might smell. There is a snowflake on the card and what looks like snow on the ground. Falling snow has a smell of freshness. You might be instantly transported to a time when you were younger, playing in the snow. Her dress looks a bit like a wedding dress and could signify someone who got married in the winter or will be getting married in the winter.

The lady here has dropped her bow. As she gets ready to make her way across the gateway to the future, perhaps she doesn’t feel like she has to try so hard. After taking stock of the year, maybe she can relax and focus more on the upcoming holiday.

Pink roses symbolize grace, beauty, innocence, and romance. Forget-me-nots mean the obvious but they also mean faithful love and memories, another possible symbol of a loved one that has passed or a relationship ending. This card could be a sign to count all the amazing blessings of the year and to be hopeful and excited for what is yet to come.


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