Christmas in a Box


Christmas in a Box
By Faith Brower

I overheard ladies talking about how they have not thought of Christmas shopping yet. One said, “Are you kidding, with my schedule, I can hardly make dinner when I come home from work and keep the house picked up. Shopping … when?” The other responded with, “And then buy a Christmas tree, decorate it, make cookies for the kids’ schools, and remember there’s no elf who comes and wraps all the gifts WHEN we do buy them!”

Yeah, how do we do it? The answer came to me in a Christmas movie: “Christmas in a Box”. Everything comes in one box that we need for Christmas. Order it online or check off a list in the store. And voila, it arrives in a box at your doorstep. The tree, wreath, gifts, cookies – all of it! Yeah-that would make Christmas way easier.

And then I got thinking about this idea. Holy Cow, has Christmas become a hassle? Is it just additional expectations and work added to my plate? It always seems to come back to how I think about things-a burden or a joy? My choice. Easier said than done when ALL these things still need to be done in a short brief time. And then walking through my office, I saw a note my son gave me years ago that I still have on the wall.

Dear Mom,
I love you so much thank you for being my mother and watching Gilmore Girls with me. Thanks for the presents on Christmas, letting me spend time with my friends, and letting me play all my video games and being on the computer. Thanks for being such a great mom.

Love, Grant

A light bulb went off. Christmas is about spending time with loved ones, going the extra mile for another. It’s an opportunity to act and be the best of who we are. I can use the creativity I was given to get things done WHILE spreading love and sharing moments with family and friends.

Imagination is a gift we all have … so wrap gifts WHILE watching a show with your kid, ask for help with decorating. Gather with friends to make cookies or sign Christmas cards. We are wise, creative, loving, and can figure out how to get it done AND be the LOVE this season is all about.

Christmas isn’t found in a box.


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