Using Crystals to Manifest in 2018


2017, numerologically was a ‘one’ year, signifying new beginnings. Now we’re transitioning to 2018, a ‘two’ year. This year we’ll be working with cooperation, and working with others to make things happen. We’ve all heard about setting New Years resolutions, but often when we set resolutions we end up not following through.

When we set goals, it often has the intention and energy of something that still needs to be accomplished, making the goal harder to obtain. When we use the tools from the law of attraction, we see ourselves more in the place we want to be, as if we have already accomplished it… as if we’ve already lost the weight, made changes in our diet or whatever our goal is.

Crystals are excellent when used for manifesting, because they amplify and transmit energy, including thoughts and intentions. They can be programmed with our intentions. Quartz crystal is great for manifesting because of its natural ability to transmit and amplify all energies. It helps us focus and brings clarity to all situations.

There is a formation of quartz called, manifestation quartz. These crystals have one or multiples of crystals completely enclosed inside the larger crystal, and are known for their powerful manifestation abilities. Another quartz known for its manifesting qualities is citrine. Citrine also transmutes all energies into golden light.

Garnet is beneficial for manifesting prosperity because it helps us remember that we are all deserving of the infinite universal prosperity and abundance available to us. Magnetite, or lode stone, is one of the best stones for manifesting or attracting of any kind; it is naturally magnetic. Magnetite is also a powerful stone for healing. Rose quartz is good when used to attract or enhance love of any kind in our lives and hearts. Fluorite can be used to manifest more healing energies in our lives.

To program a crystal you only need one. First, make sure the crystal wants to be used for this intention. Ask the crystal, while holding it up to your heart; it’ll let you know if it wants to or not. You may get a feeling or see or hear something. Hold the crystal on your third eye chakra, while
visualizing your new desired goal being accomplished. See and feel your new self after your goal has been achieved. How does this new self feel? Walk? Talk and interact with others? What do you do differently each day now that your goal has been reached?

Continue holding the visualization of your accomplished goal for fifteen minutes; the crystal is now programmed with your intention and will amplify this out into the universe, bringing you everything you need to accomplish it. Have fun!


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