Give Yourself a Healthy Facelift for the New Year


From “Forever Young” by Earlyne Chaney, Founder of Astara

Start off the new year by perking up your face and skin for a new look. This is the time of year when we look at new beginnings, cleaning up your home to clear out old stale energy and welcome in fresh new energy. One other way to get new energy is to give yourself a facelift. Here are some natural ways to do just that starting out with the “mighty apple”!

An Apple Facelift
New medical findings prove the effectiveness of apple acids on the skin. Apples contain natural chemicals called alpha hydroxy acids —or AHA— that removes wrinkles and the dead cells on the surface of the skin. Dermatologists are now developing a prescription cream containing AHA, but you can make your own at home!

Make a thick apple sauce with peeled apples and milk. Cook until soft, then thoroughly blend the formula. Apply to your face and throat. Leave it on for from 15 to 30 minutes unless the acids are too strong for your skin. Apply once a week or as often as your skin will tolerate it. The AHA plus the malic acid in the apple accomplishes a slow, natural chemical peel.

But do test the treatment for allergic reactions before applying to your entire face — a patch test on the inner arm, near the elbow. Such a slow peel may require the better part of a year. Just as this manuscript was going to press, I discovered a new product called New Feeling which can be purchased at health stores. It’s based on AHA and is supposed to be marvelous. There are other products on the market now that also incorporate AHA in their formulas.

Here are some other suggestions to naturally beautify your face and skin.
1. Slice a cucumber into your blender. Mix it at high
speed until it liquifies. Strain it and apply the liquid.

2. Tartaric acid, found in wine, also acts as a face peel.
To correct oily skin problems try white wine applied with a pure cotton pat, for light-skinned people. Red
wine for brunettes and olive-skinned people. It should be repeated about once every two weeks.

3. Half and half lemon juice and water is excellent, but try it first for its potency. If lemon is too strong, add more water. The lemon contains salicylic acid as well as citric acid. It will also peel the face. The acids in oranges, grapefruit, pineapple, papaya, lemons, apples, grapes, and cucumbers are excellent to create wrinkle-free skin, causing the top layer of dead cells to slough off and leave the face fresh and youthful. The malic acid in apples is what accomplishes the peel. Tartaric acid in grapes and citric acid in citrus and other fruits are the cause of the peeling. Mix any of these juices with water, sour milk, buttermilk or sour cream before applying. Sour milk is excellent because of its lactic acid. Use cautiously until you discover how sensitive your skin might be to these powerful natural beautifiers. Add any of the juices of these fruits or milk to your bath water to freshen and purify the skin of your body — one fourth of a cup to an entire tub. To simply rinse your face, add a tablespoon of these fruit juices to a basin of lukewarm water. Be sure your eyes are closed. And follow immediately with a clear water rinse.

Enjoy all the Blessings of this beautiful New Year!

Samantha Pennala, President: Astara


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