Happy New Year of Enlightenment!


Happy New Year of Enlightenment!
By Todd Stockwell

Hello, my friends,

Hope you all had the most beautiful holidays ever!

Another extremely powerful month and a very powerful year we are entering, with many massive shifts that are happening for all of us. It is even more important than ever before to get ahead of the energy shifts.
I send you massive support and even more massive love.

Please pause for a second and receive this gift from me.

I hope you are enjoying the exercises and experiences and growth we have shared over this past year.
This month we will focus on Enlightenment.

Focus on the flame at the base of your heart chakra, your core, expand it and focus on enlightenment and what it means to you.

Let yourself feel this and open your core more and more and let it expand.

Now expand your own personal enlightenment into your life and out into the Universe.

Feel your connection to all-ness and oneness, feel my dear one, know this connection and open yourself to creation and all the gifts that God has given to you.

Accept your path and who you truly are and what you are here to do.

Now focus on flow and creation and ask for all the support of the Universe to propel you and show you your next step in your journey.

Action, action, action, open yourself to your true passion to awaken and elevate your path and light it fully.
Enlighten, Enlighten, Enlighten.
Awaken, Awaken, Awaken.

All the love in the Universe, I send to you in this very moment to get yourself to the next level.

As always, it is very important to read and share this as much as possible; it will help you, your path, your awakening, your enlightenment and your truest service to the Universe.

Remember, I am here to help support you and your growth, so if you have any questions go to: www.beyond1111.com or https://www.facebook.com/toddstockwell/.

You can also reach me on Facebook, via the website. Email: serendipitylightcenter@yahoo.com or by phone: 734-740-9110.

I look forward to meeting you and hearing about your progress.

Remember, I have a booth and will be doing special empowerments and healings at:
Michigan Psychic Fairs. Make sure to check: www.michiganpsychicfair.org for more info.

I will be at most of them. The first one is Jan. 7, in Livonia. There are many other dates, so be sure to check the dates on my Facebook fan page or call me.
Also remember, the majority of my work is remote work so you can also contact me by phone and set up work without having to go anywhere.

Light, Love, and Service!

Master Teacher, Guide, and Healer, Todd Stockwell


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