Does Your Past Hold You Back?


By William Helton

The majority who come to play in this third-dimensional reality often allow their lineage to dictate the kind of LIFE they’re going to have. Every aspect of those who have come before them unknowingly seems to hand down both, desirable and undesirable characteristics. And more often than not the undesirable traits gather more of the momentum. When speaking in oral traditions one should consider favoring the stories that recharge the SOUL and offers up clear reasoning to those willing to listen, as to why they need to carry on what those who came before them could not.

Science has made man believe his destiny is prewritten in their genes. How sad and scary would this be if this were true? Think about it! What if someone came up to you and said: “ do not get excited about living your dreams because your life is not your own”. We must, as a collective, begin to live out our aspirations and be the example of how we would like to see those who come AFTER us live their lives.

‘SURRENDER’ to the experience of living fully in grace, forgiveness, and unconditional LOVE, toward every scene in your movie called LIFE. Yes, it may be true that there have been certain challenges set-forth to overcome in the chosen timeline, but HOW you experience these lessons is what will determine how your tomorrow arrives. The BODY in its magnificence is but a filter that has the ability to interrupt free-flowing information from both sides of the ether. This interruption is due to the discounted beliefs stored in the flesh by believing it to be their truth. Empty the mental storage unit that no longer serves the present moment. Remain MINDFUL in that all experiences are equally as important. Just on these merits alone a NEW island of plenty will begin to emerge whilst the old one will submerge.

Lineage can play a negative role ONLY if you allow it to. The objective is to replace the data that does NOT serve its host any longer and replace it with a gratifying script that represents their true essence. I believe we are meant to not just survive but to elevate our consciousness in a world created by the creative. Try listening more, along with serving whenever the opportunity is granted. Always go with the feeling that compliments the HEART & SOUL. This ‘attitude of gratitude’ IS worthy of passing down, generation to generation.
The PAST should always be inspirational, manageable, profitable, and most of all, DOABLE!

Always my Best! William Helton


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