Up Until Now


Up Until Now
By Ray Fraser

Society accepts January 1st as a time for new beginnings, it has been that way for centuries. People make resolutions designed to alter different areas of their life, many use that time to stop bad habits. Why all this focus on change? Perhaps it is because people are not satisfied with their life’s position or direction, so they vow to make a change.

Why wait for January 1? When I was in pastoral college, I learned a new and exciting phrase, “Up until now.” This phrase means you no longer have to wait till January 1st – that literally every second of your life can be a moment of change. For example, you may be like many other people who spend their entire paycheck the moment they receive it. Now you can say, “Up until now” I didn’t set any money aside for savings. Starting with my next pay period, I’m going to put 10% of my check in a bank account for future needs.

Or “Up until now” I used to smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day, starting now and effective every week, I will reduce my cigarette usage by 50% until I no longer smoke at all. Or lastly, “Up until now” I haven’t spent much time with my family, starting today I’m going to set aside prime time to spend with them on a regular basis. These are just examples of challenges that people face when trying to redefine their lives. Our spirit guides will work with us, encouraging us to make the right change and offer us the support to see it through.

“Up until now” can be a catchphrase in your life. For example, “Up until now” I used to wait until January 1st to make changes in my life. Starting today, I will make changes in my life when I sense they are needed. For most people, change is a difficult function. Yet it is through change that we find release and redefine who and what we are. Success comes from having the courage to do things that you don’t have the courage to do. Change requires courage. Many changes seem insurmountable, but once you start things in motion, destiny will step in and guide you to the safest and most expedient path to complete your change. Most people, after they have completed a change, look back on the effort and say, “That wasn’t so hard, why did I wait so long to do this?”

Don’t be one of the millions of individuals that wait so long to make the change your heart desires. Fear can cause people to hesitate when it is actually overcoming the fear that will set them free. Make a decision for yourself out of LOVE instead of fear and you will be amazed at the outcome. Some people dream their whole lives of something but wait to take action. Why wait to make improvements to your life? If your car or home needed the improvement, we would surely make it happen. Give your life the same courtesy.

Recently, I made a significant change, moving from the Detroit area to Seattle, Washington, closing my storefront business, Mystiques-West on Ford Road in Westland, Michigan, after 22 years.

Once my family made the decision, spirit stepped in and guided many of the changes that made the move seamless. As things fell into perfect place, I knew this change was destined to be. I am extremely happy with our move and can’t believe we waited so long to make it. This change has caused me to enjoy my life more completely while sparking my creativity.

I continue to do psychic readings remotely by phone or Skype and a Spirit Medium, I work with peoples energy, so distance is not a factor. Even though I am no longer hosting a weekly public seance, I still contact spirit loved ones from my new location. So my move still allows me to help clients and be a place that is perfect for my family.. and “Up Until Now’ moment that left me to say, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?!”

So now repeat after me, I will no longer wait until January to make changes in my life. Starting now, I will make changes in my life when I deem they are necessary, regardless of the date.

Happy New Year!

Ray Fraser


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