Transforming your Life in the February Love yourself Tips from Cardiologist, Robert Ostfeld, MD


Transforming your Life in the February Love yourself Tips from Cardiologist, Robert Ostfeld, MD and
inspiring weight-loss speaker, Tim KaufmaPlant-Based

The Plant Based Nutrition Support Group (PBNSG) welcomes cardiologist, Robert Ostfeld M.D. MSc., and Wednesday, February 28, 2018 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM to Birmingham Groves High School Main Auditorium. PBNSG is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to evidence-based education and advocacy of whole food plant-based nutrition and an active lifestyle, to help prevent or reverse chronic disease and achieve optimal health. Each month the organization hosts national researchers and medical professionals around the country. Additional support groups are in place to guide anyone looking for more information in plant based nutrition.

Ostfeld, the Director of Preventive Cardiology and the founder and director of the Cardiac Wellness Program at Montefiore, New York brings a unique, nutrition-centered approach to prevent and reverse heart disease with a whole food/plant-based diet. Dr. Ostfeld will speak in February to an open group on how to embrace eating without animal products and a life-style that consists of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, legumes such as lentils and chickpeas, a small number of nuts and avocado, as well as dairy alternatives.

Making the transition to a primarily plant-based diet can be daunting for some. For many patients of Dr. Robert Ostfeld he will explain tips of plant-based foods and recipes that they never knew existed and those attending in February will have the same opportunity.

• Learn the scientific background behind the power of a plant-based diet to prevent and reverse heart disease in a fun and interactive way.
• Understand how a whole food/plant-based diet can prevent a variety of diseases, improve weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and many digestive issues.
• Learn how to prepare and incorporate budget friendly vegan meals into daily life.
• Understand myths and realities associated with plant-based diets.
• Enjoy a flavorful, plant-based meal, complete with appetizers, entrees and dessert that will transform any skeptic’s view of vegan food.
• Never worry about counting calories again!

Tim Kaufman will share his inspiring personal story about why a wholefoods plant-based lifestyle makes so much sense. Tim Kaufman was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) in his early twenties. He was in chronic pain most of his life. By the time he had reached the age of 37 he was addicted to Fentynal, alcohol, and fast food. At over 400 pounds he was unable to perform simple daily tasks. He had many chronic health issues and was almost immobile. He had lost his interest in life and had almost given up. Tim started a journey to regain his health. He started to change one small thing at a time. He is now an athlete that thrives on a plant-based whole food lifestyle and leads a healthy, happy, productive, and very active life that is free of all medications he was once on. He joins Dr. Robert Ostfeld and you will hear Tim’s struggles and his victories as he transformed into a happy, healthy athlete with a new-found passion for running and living life to the fullest. (

The Plant Based Nutrition Support Group (PBNSG) host cardiologist, Robert Ostfeld M.D. MSc., and Tim Kaufman
Wednesday, February 28, 2018- 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Birmingham Groves High School Main Auditorium
20500 W 13 Mile Road, Beverly Hills, MI 48025
Ticket prices range from $20 – $30


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