Bringing the Love Inside


When we love others we learn that we are capable of love. When we love ourselves we create a foundation that sustains us within and beyond all other relationships. For many, self-love is the most challenging love of all. But I would say that self-love is the most important of all and the foundation on which all other relationships can flourish. It is a relationship that, as all relationships do, requires an investment of time and commitment, but this investment pays back at a very high yield!

I believe the difficulty people find with loving themselves can be overcome by remembering that we are the eternal, unconditionally loving spirit which created our human self. If we identify with our true, Higher Self, we will find there is a great deal of love and compassion there just waiting to flow into our lives. This love is unconditional, unbounded and eternal. From that awareness, we can discover what it means to have a relationship with our self, and begin to build that as a foundation for a successful life and successful relationships.

How to Bring Your Love Inside:
I am going to suggest that you take an hour at least twice a week to invest in this relationship. During this time you focus all your love and attention within yourself and do not respond to any other duties or relationships.

You will need to start by welcoming your own Higher Self to live within your human self and open your heart to embrace your true and eternal spirit, which is who you really are. If you don’t feel that immediately, that is okay; relax and be open to that with your heart, and welcome the love to flow into you.

Take this hour with yourself as you would with a person with whom you desire to build a relationship. Below are some suggestions:

– Give yourself an inner full-body hug and hold it until you relax and your heart opens.

– Pay attention to the feelings that come up, like you would with someone you cared deeply about understanding and being close to. Wait before you go into fix-it mode and just listen to yourself. This act will calm and comfort you on very deep levels.

– Comfort and reassure yourself that your feelings have been heard and accepted as valid. Work to do exactly that for yourself – not to justify them, or agree with them, simply to accept that you feel that way.

– Tell yourself the things that you need to hear – You are attractive, worthy of love, loved. List your gifts and strengths. Embrace your weaknesses and limitations and hold them in love until they begin to respond with positive feelings – this will help you heal and empower these aspects of you, which is a big part of your work in this lifetime.

– Imagine doing something which gives you pleasure and lightness of heart and mind. Doing so in imagination can be more effective than doing it in reality sometimes. This is because when doing this level of work, the parts of you which normally get ignored will feel like active participants. Also, there is no stress involved as there is when doing things in the outer sense. It can be completely perfect for you!

Spending this hour with yourself twice a week can be the most energizing part of your week. You will find that as you re-enter your life, there is a deep inner peace and glow, much like you feel when newly in love. Build on this over time, and it will sustain you through the challenges of life and relationships, helping you to be resilient, to respond with authority and love to challenges and to feel safe in the world.

If you are seeking a new relationship or deepening a current relationship, the act and experience of self-love are like a magnet which attracts love from others; this can help you attract and build the relationship you desire. The foundation of love inside you also helps to deflect hateful or predatory energy from others because it makes you strong and whole. People seek vulnerable people to download their negativity or take advantage of, and with a core of self-love, you will be strong so they will look elsewhere for those opportunities and be more respectful of you.

You are the ever-present person in your life. Investing in self-love means that you will always have your best advocate and friend wherever you are. So when others are not showing up in ways that nurture you, see it as an opportunity to nurture yourself even more. In doing so you will also receive more love and nurturing from others!

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