Finding Creative Alternatives

Finding Creative Alternatives

There is always a way to follow your creative dream. If there ever comes a time when you find yourself unable to move forward with your current crafty plans, realize that you can still do what you love.

Whether your momentary delay is due to financial, health or disability concerns, the important thing to focus on is that this situation is temporary. It is only temporary because you have yet to find your creative alternative.

When you encounter a block of any kind, be it in your creativity or in life, it is best to start to see the situation as only transitory. When you take this point of view, you now open yourself up to finding solutions and/or new paths that further your creative goals. Ask yourself, If I could find a way to complete my goal, how would I? Now, all you have to do is allow the answers to come to you; try them out and see what works best for you and follow your heart.

Happy creating and Happy Valentines Day!

Creative alternatives:
Possible Creative alternatives for financial reasons:
Try working with inexpensive or student grade mediums.
Take advantage of art store sales
Use what you already have
Create an account just for your creative projects. Deposit a little bit into your account every month and use only when needed.
helpful link:

Possible creative alternatives for health reasons:
If your concern is about allergies:
Trying work with a different medium.
If your concern is about physical disability or muscle fatigue, consider ergonomic seating, workstations and accessories.
helpful links:

Possible creative alternatives for learning disabilities:
If your concern is about dyslexia:
Try using assistive technology.
helpful links:

If your concern is about dyscalculia:
Try using a good easy to read calculator.
Some helpful links:

TransFormational Artist, Abby has been studying art and metaphysics since childhood. Her art education includes: Rhode Island School of Design & The University of the Arts, BFA in Fine Arts, Minor in Film/Animation, and Theta Healing. She provides digitally hand-rendered psychometric and mediumistic art prints for commission. Call: 248-655-0464 or visit:

About the writer: Abby Lippit

Abby Lippitt, Is an extremely talented, gifted & intuituve artist with a vibrant, vivacious, “Abvacious”, unique style all her own. Abby has been practicing and studying art & metaphysics since she was a child. Inspired by animation and driven with the desire to express her love of the sadly underrated art medium in all its forms. It is her sincere wish that the rest of the world come to appreciate the sophistication & beauty held within the heart of the animation genre as she does.

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