Giving Love a Real Chance


Ah… the month of February… the month of Love. All is great in February when you are in love. What if you are in a relationship, yet no longer feel that “love connection.” When you feel the passion has died?

Here are some things to look at. Look and see if you are opening your heart to choosing to love your partner. Sometimes we get stuck in how we want our partner to be, how we are going to get our needs met, or possibly we are stuck on a perceived wrong they have done. Problem is, nothing else in life is really as important as your relationship. When your relationship is going well, so is everything else. Everything seems to be sunnier, more joyful, things and experiences come to you more easily — in fact — they seem to be drawn to you, and you are INSPIRED! Get it? In-Spirit! Loving from the heart outward, feeling joy from the inside out. You are creating a love-connection and therefore, are also connected with the Divine. All becomes love. And all you have to do is choose to love.

Are you putting in as much time and energy into your relationship as you are your work, school or hobbies? What do you value? Where you put your energy is where your focus is and what you value, so are they on having a loving relationship? Are you making the time and putting in true effort into creating a loving connection with your lover? When we don’t put in the time and energy to maintain, and even grow a relationship, we start to disconnect, take things for granted, things start to die, and one day we wake up to loving someone, but not being in love. We think they are not the person we thought they were when we were in the fire of passion. We’ve started experiencing the shadow side, and forget the light side of their true selves that we first experienced. They are still your love, just may need some light of love shining on the shadow side.

Once you choose to open your heart to love, you can then start making dates with your lover to explore who each of you are, what desires you both have in the relationship, share a hobby, explore your values, spirituality, your dreams. Create a love-connection by listening, and by putting in the time and effort. Shine that love light on their (and your) true self so your spirits can connect again.

We all feel the need for union, and the one you’re with may still be that person. You can contact me at the information in my ad for some support. Give love a real chance!

Miche has been compassionately guiding people for over 25 years. Through Spiritual Living and Healing Miche utilizes Intuitive and Universal Principals to guide you in healing your emotional, mental, physical, & spiritual state.


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