Gratitude and Love


Valentine’s Day during the month of February tends to bring our focus to love. Many think of love in terms of romance, however, I think of love as being synonymous with gratitude. When you think of something or someone with gratitude, you are feeling the energy of love. No matter what it is, gratitude brings you to love every time.

The mid 1990s were very turbulent years emotionally for me. I lost hope and fell into deep despair. As I prayed, I realized that my focus was off. I was looking at what was missing rather than what I had. There was beauty all around me, but I wasn’t seeing it. I was then guided to sit down with pen and paper, with the intention of creating a gratitude list, when these words appeared. They help realign my focus still today.


The clock keeps ticking as time goes by;
Our lives flash before us in the wink of an eye.

Large tasks, small ones, we try to do them all;
The cooking, the cleaning, and shopping at the mall.

Hurry, hurry, quick, quick, we must get it all done;
There is so much to do before the setting of the sun.

But in our haste we often overlook;
The beauty that surrounds us in every cranny and nook.

The sweet, juicy taste of an orange; a kitten purring in your ear;
The rhythmic chimes of a grandfather clock;
Or time spent with loved ones we hold dear.

The smile on a child’s face; sunshine; flowers; a butterfly;
The friendly wave from a neighbor;
Or a grilled ham and cheese on rye.

The everyday life that surrounds us;
Can easily become humdrum and mundane;
But when we awaken our senses with gratitude;
Nothing will ever be the same.

It doesn’t matter how great or how small;
Our purpose in life is to love it all.

—-Marilyn Grace Maceri

As Published by The National Library of Poetry

Marilyn G. Maceri, founder of Lifeforce Enterprises LLC, Warren, MI, has been a Reiki Practitioner/Master since 2003. Along with Reiki, she uses the original “John of God” Crystal Light Bed from Brazil. She is also a licensed Massage Therapist, certified Aroma Touch Therapy Practitioner, Consciousness Life Coach/Presenter, and Reconnective Healing Practitioner. 810-394-5674


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