The Great Love — Our Relationship with Mother Earth


While people traditionally celebrate their love for each other on Valentine’s Day, we should remember that love is energy for us to use every day of our lives. Love is the energy that fuels us to be inspired; to care, to express kindness and give Service to anyone who needs our help.

As writers, poets, artists, musicians and spiritual teachers have expressed in various ways, “Love is the answer”. We are advancing at warp speed on this planet, both technologically and scientifically. However, despite all the discoveries and inventions, without humanity being willing to love, our future cannot endure.

If we wish to understand the highest aspects of love, we only have to look at Mother Earth upon which we live. She has done all she can to help, protect and sustain us, as we move through the lifetimes, taking as much as we can from this beautiful, fruitful planet.

The Earth has sacrificed enough—far too much—for us ungrateful humans. While we take everything we want from Her without even so much as a “thank you,” we rarely ever consider whether this is good for Her. If we believe, as mysticism and science alike have shown, that She is a living, breathing, advanced Intelligence, then by the law of logic alone, we must pay far more attention to Her needs.

This is particularly important now when prominent thinkers, visionaries and scientists — including even the distinguished scientist, inventor, and author, James Lovelock, who first proposed the hopeful Gaia hypothesis – now believe we are on the brink of our own destruction. We face climate change, extreme weather conditions and a massive depletion of natural resources.

Is there anything we can do to stop these things, and secure our future upon this beautiful planet? It is not too late if we become more fully conscious of our close relationship with Mother Earth. If we understand Her as the mystics, environmentalists and indigenous cultures do, we can then begin to appreciate and love Her and, by so doing, reconnect with Her sacred powers.

The Heart of Spirituality
My Spiritual Master, Dr. George King, taught that all Spirituality should have at its heart—The Earth — as do the Teachings and global healing missions of The Aetherius Society, founded by Dr. King. We should always remember that the Earth, like any living intelligence, has feelings and thoughts and is extremely lifestreams the life streams upon Her great body. The Earth is among the most beautiful planets in this solar system; one which caused the astronauts when first seeing Her from Space for the first time, to weep at her beauty and fragility. However, even more beautiful and compassionate is the indescribable depths of Her great soul. She has dimmed her light; She has sacrificed Her own evolution so that we, ungrateful humanity, can continue our slow, painful journey through evolution, giving us the conditions we need in order to continue.

What Can We Do to Help Mother Earth?
First, we should appreciate Her sacrifice for us and realize just how fortunate we are to be here. There is a law governing us all and that is the Law of Karma. By this great Law of divine justice, the Earth, as an extremely advanced Intelligence, will not be allowed to continue to suffer on our behalf indefinitely. There will come a time when Her true status will be known and understood. This will be a wonderful time for those who are spiritually ready for this great global consciousness shift. However, for those who are not ready to move from their purely materialistic values, it will be a time of turmoil and chaos.

New Pioneering Astrology Book
These are some of the thoughts and concerns that inspired me to write my latest book, “Earth: Astrology’s Missing Planet — Reconnecting with Her Sacred Power” published by Dodona Books, February 2018.

I wrote this book to help us understand and appreciate the positive influence and power of the Earth, from both an astrological and spiritual perspective. Currently, astrologers take into account the influence of all the other planets in this solar system with the sole exception of the very planet upon which we live and evolve.

I hope you will join me at the launch of my new book which is being called, “The first book of its kind to take into account the influence of the Earth.” Among other things, you will learn where the Earth is in your birth chart in relation to other planets, and what this means for you. Also, how this can help you once again reconnect more surely to the sacred power and love of the beautiful planet upon which we live and in turn, this will help us to secure our future upon Earth.

You are warmly invited to attend the Talk/Booksigning/Social for, “Earth: Astrology’s Missing Planet — Reconnecting with Her Sacred Power” on Friday, February 16 at 7:30 p.m. For further details, please see The Aetherius Society’s ad.

Chrissie Blaze

Chrissie Blaze, the author of 12 books, is an ordained priest in The Aetherius Society. A Spiritual teacher, international speaker and radio host, she was a disciple of Spiritual Master/Founder of The Aetherius Society, Dr. George King, for over 20 years. She resides in Michigan, promoting the teachings of Dr. King. Visit:;;

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