Love in the 21st Century


It seems as though everyone is looking for their soul mate. Sometimes we think we found the ONE only to realize that we are in a toxic relationship or one that just loses its energy.

Lately, there has been much tension between men and women. Men are learning that the rules and expectations of relationships are very different in the 21st century. Women are gaining a voice and standing up to be respected. It has been very confusing for men, especially for men from the baby boomer generation.

While men and women struggle to find better ways to express their attraction and improve their communications, relationships seem to be strained and fewer marriages are taking place. Throughout my 35-year psychic counseling practice, I found that people were most worried about getting married and having children or getting out of a relationship, usually due to affairs of the heart overlapping their current relationship. So most of the clients from those years wanted to know about their extra affairs, marriages, and divorces, which seemed to dominate readings, especially in the 1980s and 90s.

Now in the 21st century, things have been shifting to a different agenda for those seeking my psychic guidance. Many women are finding that marriage and children are taking a back burner to their careers. As they move into their thirties and forties, they are coming for guidance in finding their soul mate and the possibilities of having children in their future.

Relationships have been changing, but one truth will stay constant, everyone wants to trust in a relationship — and of course to find love.

As relationships are changing, men are learning how to treat women more respectfully and better ways to communicate with women. We will find that marriage and committed love relationships will evolve and survive the stresses of change. I believe commitments are going to be stronger, and as people learn respect for each other there will be lasting relationships and a greater experience of satisfaction with their partners.

In fact, I had a packed schedule of clients throughout 2017, yet I only saw one relationship where their partner was having an affair! In years past, more than half of my clients were dealing with this sad and stressful issue.

Of course, people are still looking for the One true love. However, they are picking much wiser; not just picking from the insecurity that they could be alone. I still remember the extreme pressure women had on them to marry before they were 21 years old; most everyone was engaged before they graduated high school and most married when they were only eighteen. If you weren’t married by the age of 25, you were considered an old maid! How 20th Century, .. right! That is why so many people divorced or had affairs in the 1980’s and 90’s; they were in the wrong relationship for their needs. Expectations changed as women started moving into the workforce and realized they had more to offer than just cleaning house and raising children. If they did not have a friendship or intellectual connection in their marriage they found their relationship falling apart, as so many did during that time.

Now many are seeking life partners later in life that will be compatible and better meet their expectations, with not having the pressures to marry so young. I find that the nuclear family model is being crowded out by many other models of relationships and even more people are choosing to be without a significant other — and instead, seek to focus on career, intellectual pursuits or even their spiritual purpose in life.

The framework of marriage has been changing, along with accepting that marriage can also consist of same-sex partners. With all of this new thinking in selecting a mate, how do we know we are connecting with a soul mate? Have you ever felt a strong connection with someone, but you only just met them? You have heard of, ‘Love at First Sight’. That is because we are soul connected and feel their energy as though we have always known them. Many call this the Soul Mate Connection.

Learn to develop your sixth sense so that you will trust your intuition when coming into contact with your soul mate. If you are in a committed relationship, developing your intuition can help you communicate better with your partner and strengthen your bond.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

Pastor, Wendy Powers Nugent, is a spiritual intuitive and a certified counselor. Wendy connects with spirit and has been a professional psychic for more than 35 years. Call her today at: 248-825-8255 or visit:

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