Are You Ready for Real Love?


Allowing yourself to be fully penetrated by Love…the little self must step aside. We ALL sabotage ourselves, or the good in front of us, to protect the little self. It’s part of the growth process. Forgive yourself.


However, most are not asking.

Bitching and complaining…..yes

Shutting down or forgetting their dreams….yes

The little self would rather writhe in struggle, than face the terror of its becoming!

We are all afraid of our true greatness. The ways we learned to cope as a child, become a source of identity. Self-care, healthy habits, forgiving others, meditation, attending a healing group…are all obviously great things to do! However, be aware that in the first few weeks of practicing self-acceptance or empowering habits… will feel like death….because it is. The little self must be “digested” into a greater lived version of you.

When you love yourself or another, layers of separateness and little self must fall away. A dream calls you forward into what you must become.

Your dreams are holy and real. They are the sacred writing on your heart and encoded into your Soul. Pain and limiting beliefs will rise up to be loved, as you begin to think bigger about your life, and self. Keep going. Don’t give up on your dreams. Ask for help.

Courageously open to loving yourself today. It is more than just “self-improvement”. As the seed becomes the flower, it is not ‘self-improving’’; it is emerging. Be a living demonstration of the emerging Universe, as you step into your dreams, and heal the fears and limiting beliefs that block you.

“In 1978 psychologist Philip Brickman, Dan Coates, and Ronnie Janoff-Bulman published a landmark study that found that lottery winners were not significantly happier than those who had been paralyzed in an accident! From this and many subsequent studies came the idea that people have a ‘set point’ that determines their happiness over the course of their life,” The Book of JOY, Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Douglas Abrams

In other words, happiness is a skill you must develop. The process of becoming who you are is a process of letting go, and opening to the good that wants to come to you NOW. Having a daily spiritual practice, and support in healing limiting beliefs empowers you to step into your True Self now, and be miracle ready. Otherwise, the lover, money or goodwill show up and you will either not be able to see it, or you may sabotage it.

If you are ready to heal and move toward your dreams, please give me a call. Change is hard for many people. It is my joy and honor to love people into the next best version of themselves.

Barbra White

Barbra has masters in transpe onal psychology, and published author. Her passion is to facilitate women into sexual vibrancy and real confidence. Barbra also loves guiding people into their life’s purpose and deeper connection with the Divine.734-455-1438 &

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