Rippling Effects of Universal Love


Have you ever experienced that sometimes the smallest thing made a significant impact on your life? … G. EscoDavis

In an effort to stay current and continue my personal growth, and be a more effective coach, I read a lot. Over the holiday, I experienced a spiritual and emotional encounter. It made me think of something that I had read only a few weeks earlier.

As one of my favorite enlightened writers, Madisyn Taylor, noted in a metaphor, “A snowball at the top of a mountain has the potential to become huge, just by rolling down the mountain and gathering more snow. In a short time, this tiny snowball can become a mighty force. We humans, are like this when it comes to exchanging energy and vision, empathy, and love for humanity. There is the potential for massive change. As consciousness seekers, we are in the midst of this process, and it is incredible to see people we thought might never come around, waking up to their truth. Each time we understand this, we can count ourselves blessed to be living at a time when the awareness of our humanity seems as more individuals open their minds and change their ways.”

For others, it is a spiritual awakening or an awareness of their environment, and for some it might be both. Madisyn Taylor continues to say, “A significant change in consciousness is sweeping through us as we recognize that things are not what they have seemed to be, that there is more to our lives than meets the eye. It is as if a scale is about to tip in favor of higher consciousness — higher consciousness of humanity. One-humanity, bonded with love. Love of self, respect and empathy and love of our fellow human.”

The beauty of living at this time is that even small acts of kindness have powerful rippling effects, and the vibrations of our actions have the power to make a difference in our community and the world. This brings me to share my recent experience and how it is true on many levels, including karma.

Over the holiday I stopped at a traffic light, where a begger was asking for money — it was freezing outside. I asked the young man for his name. There is a motel about one block away from this traffic light, so I called the motel for a room for two nights and to ask if they let anyone stay. I pulled in the motel’s parking lot, went into the office and paid for a two-night stay. I informed the desk person that the room was not for me. He gave me the key. I drove back to the spot where the young man stood and gave him the key and said, “Get out of the cold — happy holiday!”

I continued my day of shopping; my last stop was at my favorite market. There was a lot more in my basket than I had planned. When the cashier said how much the total was, I knew I was short on cash. So, I told the cashier I could take some items back. The cashier called for a manager on the override. The cashier informed the manager the amount I was short. The manager looked at me and said, “You are a regular customer, you’re good with us – happy holiday!”

During this month of Love, extend yourself — on purpose, to others with kindness, empathy and love. It feels good doesn’t it?

Each time we move in the direction of having empathy and love of our fellow human, we can visualize another golden nugget along our path to being a better person. This, my friend, takes us closer to universal awakening to our truth.

Namaste, Peace & Blessings,

Gwendolyn Esco Davis

Gwendolyn, owner of G. EscoDavis, LLC, is a certified life coach and business mentor. Her practice of four decades focuses on women entrepreneurs, although she also coaches men business owners. She uses a holistic/organic approach, and publishes a monthly newsletter. For more information call: 313-717-8988, email: or visit:


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