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The hormones of your thyroid regulate nearly every cell in your body! For this reason, when it malfunctions, it can produce widespread and varying symptoms.

Our thyroid glands are very prone to problems for a few reasons: Sometimes we don’t get enough iodine in our diet. But another factor is radiation. Our thyroid gland is very susceptible to radiation, especially if we are low on iodine. The effect of an iodine deficiency is that our thyroid will soak up radiation like a sponge. Even being in the same room as a running microwave will throw off your thyroid and its controlling gland, the hypothalamus! We’re constantly around electronics that do this as well, from our cell phones to televisions, computers, smart meters and more.

I think it is pretty well known that the thyroid is a key player in our metabolism and energy, but I also want you to know that thought processes are in direct ratio to our thyroid levels. An overactive thyroid can lead to extreme nervousness, worry, anxiety, and even paranoia. An underactive thyroid should always be looked for in cases of depression, and can even be missed in cases of diagnosed mental illness.

An underactive thyroid is also a major cause for coronary heart disease and elevated cholesterol levels!

Our bodies truly work as a whole, and the interrelationship of body systems is ever-present. I hope this article has helped you!

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