Ask for an Ah-ha Moment

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Have you ever had one of those ah-ha moments that left you wondering, “Where did that thought come from?” I had one just the other day about forgiveness and attracting my soulmate. The two topics don’t seem related on the surface but let me explain.

Lately, I have been feeling like I would like to change up my life and start a new chapter. I am ready to be with a soulmate, a wonderful forever partner to share great times, and not always great times, with. For a long time now, I have been the sole director of my life story. I have experienced periods in my life where I had boyfriends, but never felt like they were my soulmate. I usually felt at one time in the relationship that I needed out.

For a while now, I have been playing with the idea of wanting to be with Mr. Right. The desire has been growing. Now I am ready to be with a companion who will share activities, memories, and special moments, disagree, but not fight, and love me and let me love him.

I asked myself if there is anything else I need to do to bring this into my life. I asked myself why I thought I did not attract this into my life already. The word forgiveness and the image of my dad, then my mom and others who have died, popped into my head. I heard, “Forgive them for going away, and then let it go and move on with your life.” I felt an amazing sense of affirmation that this ah-ha moment was full of truth … and amazing.

So, I suggest that if you have a desire, but it has not appeared, ask yourself if there is something you need to do to attract that into your life. Then listen or watch for your ah-ha moment.

Faith is the former President of Unity of Farmington Hills, an Empowerment Center of love, music to rock your soul, and laughter. UFH serves and empowers those searching for the Truth!


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