Delays Are An Unexpected Blessing


Sometimes we can’t always do exactly what we want to do, when we want to do it. And this can become very frustrating if you let it. So, to make the best of your time, instead of fighting with your delay use it to your advantage. Use the new time you now have available to finish other projects or to do something fun and relaxing.

Another thing to be mindful of is the occurrence of resistance. Every day small delays are common, however, when you encounter numerous interruptions while trying to complete the same task, that’s the universe’s way of telling you to stop … you’re going the wrong way!

In situations like these, it’s wise to re-examine your circumstances more closely; you may find that there is a better option available to you other than what you are currently doing. But fear not … this does not always mean that you have to give up your current plans. These interruptions just offer the opportunity to find a better and perhaps quicker path to your goal.

For best results, practice respect and gratitude for all those you encounter. These positive practices go a long way to provide a solid foundation upon which to build your goals.

Ultimately, with regards to pesky disruptions, you’ll be surprised to find that this extra time on your hands is actually a blessing.

Ways to use your delays:
1. Ask yourself, What can I best use this time for?

2. Ask, Is there a better way for me to achieve my goal?

3. Ask, What resources do I have available that will help me
complete my project in an expedited time frame?

4. Ask, What else can I do to add to the quality of my work?

Namaste, Abby


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