Earth: Astrology’s Missing Planet – Reconnecting with Her Sacred Power


There is an awakening now taking place on Planet Earth. An evolutionary current is sweeping through the hearts and minds of many, just as we face the threat of total annihilation. Chaos, terror, and ecological footprint breakdown coexists harshly with peace, and integration of the burgeoning “New Age” movement, the gradual shift towards the desire for Oneness.

Time, that measurement of change, is speeding up and, as a result, we feel pressure. Whether this becomes the pressure to change, evolve, and to embrace new ways of thinking and feeling, or the pressure that causes us to implode is up to us. We are now witnessing both ends of the spectrum on planet earth, and there’s really only one choice. The winning side is, and always has been, the side that creates harmony and peace; love, healing, and selfless service.

Every act we perform–good, bad, and indifferent, defines our future. An act of terrorism or mass murder will take the perpetrator down into the depths of their own hell, life after life, until at some point in the dim and distant future, the lesson of love – the intrinsic nature of us all – is learned.

The question we may ask is, “Do we have enough time left on the beautiful planet we are destroying for us to find harmony amidst the chaos? What can we do to change? What can we do to help?”

Astrology, as well as the enduring Spiritual truths, can guide us and offer us a mirror by which we can, in a detached way, see ourselves authentically and see the way forward that we should take.
By reconnecting with earth’s power, we can help ourselves find harmony and sanity amidst the chaos, and transform our way of thinking. We can heal ourselves through more consciously touching the sacred body of our Divine Mother.

In my new book, Earth: Astrology’s Missing Planet, I explain that the earth in your birth chart is opposite your sun, and what this means. The book also includes a section on these Earth Signs so that you can awaken more fully to this powerful influence. This is a non-technical astrology book that can be enjoyed by anyone interested in astrology and new thought.

I am launching a new astrology group, “Cosmic Café: Where Astrology Meets Spirituality” at The Aetherius Society on Saturday, March 17 at 2:00 p.m. Please see The Aetherius Society’s ad for details.

Chrissie Blaze

Chrissie Blaze, is an ordained priest/teacher in The Aetherius Society. An international speaker/radio host, she was a disciple of The Aetherius Society founder, Dr. George King, for over 20 years. Chrissie resides in Michigan, promoting Dr. George King’s teachings.;;


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