Gemstone Elixirs for a Spring Detox


Detoxifying helps cleanse our body, mind and emotions, as well as our auras. Our environment and GMO foods are two good reasons to detoxify seasonally. It is easy to make an elixir and you can use as many or as few stones as you want.

First, make sure your stones are not water soluble or have high radiation content. Next, smudge the stones with white sage and rinse them in water, to make sure the outside is clean.

Then, place the stones in a glass jar filled with purified water and let it sit in the sun or during a specific moon phase for 8-12 hours. It doesn’t matter if you cover it; I like to, especially when I make elixirs outside.

Remove the stones and drink approximately a shot glass full; the elixir can be taken a few times every day.

The energy of the sun or moon amplifies the energies of the crystals via pyroelectric energy; the water absorbs the minerals and energies of the stones and holds it, making elixirs very effective.

These are some crystals you can use for a physical detox:

Apatite helps bones and cells heal and alleviates hypertension.

Fluorite fights off infections, heals our DNA, skin and alleviates pain.

Obsidian aids with digestion, dissolves hardened arteries and increases our circulation.

Ruby strengthens our blood, lymphatic system and heart.

Tourmaline removes all blockages, enhancing the overall flow of energy.

For a mental detox:

Sodalite alleviates mental confusion, enhancing rational thought and clearing emfs.

Jade soothes our mind, balances acid/alkaline in our bodies and benefits the kidneys.

For an emotional detox:

Chrysocolla gently cleanses emotions, and aids communication and psychic vision.

Malachite facilitates deep emotional healing by releasing old traumas, mental disturbances and protects against radiation.

If you want a spiritual detox to cleanse your auras:

Labradorite is a great protector for empaths; it staunches energy leaks and instills hope and seeing magic in all of life.

Citrine aligns and cleanses all of our auras, emanates joy, and is powerful for manifesting.

Quartz Crystal seals holes while protecting, strengthening and cleansing our auras; it also amplifies all other stones.

Any of these stones can also be used in the bath as an elixir, or just the stones themselves. Crystals love water. Amethyst cleanses and protects the aura while bringing in higher energies. In olden days, people would take baths as a ritual before giving a psychic reading to cleanse their auras; it’s also a good practice for empaths, helping clear out other people’s thoughts, emotions and emfs.

Any of the above mentioned stones can be used, as well as herbs such as yarrow, lavender and white sage. Essential oils such as yarrow, palo santo or lavender also cleanse our energies. Enjoy!


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