Moving Meditations


Moving meditation is a way to bring Higher Self and spiritual consciousness into your physical body and every experience. More common, sitting meditation calms the mind by lifting the focus out of the physical into the spiritual. For many, moving meditation can be easier and uniquely effective.

Moving meditation allows your spiritual self to incarnate more fully; so you are fully present and alive, rather than living in your mind. I find it energizing and relaxing at the same time.

There are many ways to do moving meditation.

Here are some ideas:

1) Zen Buddhism uses either walking or doing tasks interspersed with periods of silent mindfulness of your breath, or just being present with life. A gong or singing bowl is used to call people to mindfulness. You could program your phone with a beautiful alarm sound that goes off periodically to call you to mindfulness. Or, pause periodically to meditate on your breath for a few moments. In this way, any job can become a favorite way to find joy and peace of heart, mind and body.

2) Walking in nature you can practice letting go of everything except your awareness of the beauty around you, and the joyfulness of your body as you stretch your legs, smell the air and enjoy the aliveness of the day. Any activity can be a way to immerse yourself in love, even an exercise machine and a view out the window of sunshine, birds, clouds, a river…

3) One of my favorite moving meditations is when I am walking or working out on an exercise machine and I take that time to breathe into my heart and center there on my Inner Wisdom and welcome my Higher Self to live within me. I let myself feel embraced in the unconditional love from within my heart and through my crown chakra and all around me. Then from that place of comfort and clarity, I allow my attention to go further within where I can I listen to my heart, mind and body. Soon out of the peaceful state, tensions, worries, fears, emotions, unresolved issues, injuries or illnesses may come to my attention. I welcome the love of my Inner Wisdom through my heart chakra to embrace whatever comes up. Then I welcome my Higher Self to allow it to heal and release. I accept, forgive and learn from what I am releasing. As it releases I receive my Higher Self to fill that place within me.

4) A simple and effective meditation for grounding, relaxing, being strong and holding good boundaries is to “be a tree”. This meditation can be done sitting, but is better standing and even more potent walking. Centering deep within the still place of your heart chakra, ask this question: What kind of tree has the qualities which would be most helpful to me in my life? Some trees are flexible, some are evergreen, some strong and some bear blossoms and fruit, some are ancient and wise… what kind of tree would be helpful to you?

Then from that same deep place within your heart, imagine that your body and aura is that kind of tree. Feel the deep roots and high branches and allow yourself to find nourishment from the Source of Life flowing through the earth and into your roots, trunk and branches like sap. Welcome your spreading branches and leaves to receive nourishment from above, like sunlight from the Source of Life pouring into you, and let all this energy join with the love within your heart chakra. Imagine going through your days and nights nourished this way and with the clear boundaries and protection that strong roots, trunk and bark provide.

5) Eating meditation is delicious, delightful and amazing. A gift to the life forms you eat and to yourself as well, it is best with very fresh and alive food. It can also make less lively food more nourishing and delicious. You may begin at any stage of the process, from shopping to preparation or simply eating. Acknowledge each food item lovingly by name. See its beauty. Invite the angel of the food to bless and heal it. Remember gratefully the sources of nature, creatures and humans who brought it to you. Ask forgiveness for mistreatment at any point in its history. Ask that it be as though it were fresh, organic, lovingly raised, at the peak of its gifts. Sense its energy, scent, color, and gifts. Open your heart and love as you receive its beauty into your life through eating.

You can get creative if you want, and think of myriad ways to be mindful of your true self and the gifts of life as you go about your days. Such a simple and joyful way to bless life.


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